Friday, July 12, 2013

1-42 YEAR OF THE Hooded Owl

Dear Journal,
I have had quite enough chatter from Z'beatrice, my summer Intern. We cut short our sorting and inventory of Tunnel three, Hall, 3150. Her constant complaining about lack of proper tea, the cardboard taste of our Power bars and the fact that the Hall, itself had a distinct, overpowering smell, that was making her ill.
I don't know if I mentioned the fact that Z'beatrice was supposed to be living with Great Aunt Martha. I'm quite sure that Z'Corkey has forgotten over the millennium that Great Aunt Martha is extremely OLD now and quite unable to take care of herself let alone Z'beatrice. 
So, the job of supervision of said young woman has fallen on my shoulders. 

I find it difficult to do my job and deal with a teenager. She is extremely curious but has not developed the art of listening. She asks many questions but seldom takes in my in depth answers.

On the way back from Tunnel three, Hall, 3150, I examined once again the unlocked Cage Number 14392. At first glance I cannot see that anything has been disturbed.  There is a layer of dust covering everything, although when I removed a box of photographs I did what seemed to be a bit of cigar ash on the floor. The only person that I know smokes a cigar is Otto, in the mailroom and frankly I can't image him stirring his large frame from his room, let alone coming all the way down to this Hall and this Cage.

Anyway, I did make a note on the inventory list that I was removing a box of photographs.  I've decided to give Z'beatrice a sit down job, entering the photos into the computer. She's quite capable of scanning photos, while listening to her music. She is unable to talk to her friends on her ear phone because there is no reception in Sub-basement level #3. I suspect there isn't on any of the other levels either and I also suspect that she has tried them to test that theory.
The photos are rather extraordinary. I am not sure if the color is true to the atmosphere of the location or a result of an aging process. This one seems to be of Z'Corkey. I find the flag interesting.  Is it a National flag, world flag, or simply a house flag?
We have yet to find any notes in the box. The Cage itself has items that were shipped in the Year of the Great Loon, 1410MC. 

All the labels, on the boxes, seem to have disintegrated in the shipping process so I have no idea where Z'Corkey was in time or place in 1410MC. A timeline would have been most helpful but I'm afraid that originally this job had been given to my Great Aunt Martha and her organizational skills leaned more to lining up her Coors beer bottles in the refrigerator.

Z'Corkey puts great faith in Great Aunt Martha for a number of jobs. I think he and I need to have a sit down soon about this. I've had to assume her unpaid job, here at the Zetti Homeland Historical Society because of her inability to remember to drink more water and less beer. 

I've had to assume responsibility for Z'Corkey's, ward, Z'beatrice until he sorts out her inheritance.
This will not be an easy task. If I am not mistaken, Z'beatrice is the daughter of Great Aunt Martha's, second cousin, once removed. That branch of the family bred like bunnies. I'm sure half a dozen of them are contesting the will.

I rather like this photograph. A very unusual plant. It almost looks like a wallpaper I once saw in Grand Papa's, Club. I think it was in the main dining room or perhaps the main staircase. Which reminds me of a rather amusing story of how I learned to play a mean game of poker in the kitchen of that Club.
I also learned out to appreciate a good bottle, or two of dark Mexican beer there, but that's a another story.
This photograph intrigues me. It certainly doesn't seem to fit with most of the flora photos in the box.
It must have some importance though for it to have been included. 
This is the cover of a rather small little journal book in very poor condition, tucked in the bottom of the box.   It appears to be made of pressed flora that has become something like a piece of paper with this carved insert.

I'm not sure what these pages say. I will need to send Z'beatrice to the upper levels of the Historical Society and see if she can find anything similar.
I hesitate to do that because when I let her out of my eyesight she has a tendency to just disappear.
Sometimes she is gone for hours and sometimes days. It is most disconcerting. 
I suppose I could have her stop off at the main office of the Board of Directors and see what kind of progress they are making on drawing up plans for a Women's lavatory for the Sub-basement Three.
It would have been impossible for them not to have gotten my avalanche of emails, letters, teletypes and postcards, on the subject.
I understand they are extremely busy raising funds for this or that, certainly NOT for paying any volunteers that might be working here, or fixing the elevator.
This seems to be some sort of landscape picture. A rather bleak place Z'Corkey has landed himself, or rather did land himself. It's hard to know if that is sand or the color of the water. Some of these planets are quite different from ours and from what we might imagine them to be.
It almost looks like he did this himself, a painted sketch of the landscape.
I do quite like it.

I shall have to take the girl home, she's useless at this point in time.  She has done nothing since we got back to my office space but complain about the "smell" on her clothing from the Tunnel and lack of anything for a "proper" tea. 

I shall take her home to Great Aunt Martha's house, make a cup of tea, pour a beer for Great Aunt Martha and put my feet up. No sense even thinking about taking a nice hot shower because "the girl" will be soaking for hours in the iron tub.

I leave you, dear journal with one last photo, for tonight. 
Quite beautiful, isn't it?

Your devoted author,
Z'bea, unpaid volunteer, of Sir Corkey's Field Notes and Etc., for the Zettiland Historical Society and caretaker of young Ward of Z'Corkey.


  1. Ah, wards! Thoroughly enjoyed the tale, as usual. Can I assume that in addition to your mixed media you are playing with Photoshop? Interesting and beautiful effects.

    Off to Z'work. D

  2. I am in love with this deep deep purple! beautiful works here. Peace, I have a hard time reading right now....I will soon see after Monday!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart
    How about Riley on a purple pony????