Tuesday, June 04, 2013

What a great day yesterday!

Linda and I stopped at the Senior Center to pick up our artwork, yesterday morning. I knew this piece had sold.  What I didn't realize is that I had put a higher price on it than I remembered. Another hundred dollars than I thought. So, that was a pleasant surprise. What was also a surprise was that it had won a Honorable Mention and a $25.00 cash prize!!

I got a slip of paper with judges comments on all three pieces that I entered. This is what they had to say about When Teachers Were Gods. 
-Very careful story collage of a one-room school teacher who went to the wild west of Nebraska. Myrtle's values and value come forward in this excellent work.

and the other judge had this to say

- Plays like a dream or hazy memory.  Beautifully realized.

Cape Cod Love was actually framed in a white frame and a white double mat. 
The judges had this to say about this piece.

- Collage elements to make a water scene with the word genuine and a heart in a cloud. But for this one, I found these preformed elements distracting rather than attractants for me to view/think about the picture.

and from the second judge

-Very pretty.  Sailboat is EXACTLY where it needs to be.  Strong composition.  Very assured.

When The Band Arrived had these comments.

- Children's story motif with music components.  Would go well in a children's room.  Colorful and enjoyable.

- Very fun, playful.  Colorful to the point of garishness, but that's entirely appropriate for this piece.  Nothing appears out of place.

(Interesting because this hangs in the Lemon Drop room which is Riley's room and the other grandchildren, when they come to visit)

So, all in all, not bad for my first Juried art show. 

For dinner I met up with John and Riley at Culver's. It was some sort of celebration day there and they had balloons and face painting. 

She of course, picked the Pink Kitty look.  Adorable.

At dinner, she proudly told me that Grandpa had a card for me. 

A really sweet card from my honey.

So, a GREAT DAY. Linda and I had lunch and I got to see her and her hubby again at dinner time. That was a surprise.


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