Sunday, June 02, 2013

Welcome June!

Saw my first pair of Yellow Belly Sapsuckers
yesterday. I was planting some flowers in the planters on the side deck when they flew around in the upper woods next to the house. I was amazed at how bright the yellow was on the males belly. 
Beautiful small woodpeckers and a first for me.
Saturday morning started off our usual way. Riley, John and I drove to Prairie Cafe for breakfast. Their bakery goodies are so good. Riley takes a long time to look at everything. 
She settled on a cinnamon roll. Of course, she knows that she has to divide it into four pieces. One for Grandpa, one for Grandma and one for Murphy who is stuck out in the car.
Grandpa also decided he needed an Almond Croissant. We ordered a broccoli, artichoke and sausage omelet to share. Their portions are huge.

And, just for the record the omelet comes with nine grain toast which is what Grammy had with some of the omelet. Murphy won out this trip with two pieces of cinnamon roll. It's the coffee that is so good there, a type called Blue Heeler, I think. Yummmmm
We worked in the yard, well I did, Grandpa and Riley played in the pool. The weather people said we were going to have a chance for severe storms again. Most of them just blew over but certainly looked threatening while they did. 
We had Dylan's mother, who was in town for a graduation come over with Mary and Dylan for a cookout. The sky didn't turn to this picture until after dinner.  We were sitting on the front porch deck watching it move across the sky.
This is a view from the front deck to the road. I may have worked hard on all the gardens that surround the natural boulders sticking out of the ground but the Phlox to the left by the edge of the upper woods, planted by Mother Nature just surpassed all my efforts. It's GORGEOUS. 
Remember last year I had the landscape guys come and clear out the invasive bush and plant species? They cleared all the edge of the woods from the yard back into the woods about five feet. Just clearing out all the brush let the sun in and this Phlox appeared.

They have been so busy in their nesting box since I cleaned out the Wren's nasty pointy short sticks. Riley and I checked the box once when I saw them both fly away and there were four little blue eggs in there.

I have always had a special love for Bluebirds. The house we used to own, out in Ridgeway was called Bluebird Ridge. One of the first things we did when we bought the place was to put up our first birdhouse. We attracted Bluebirds immediately. The male Bluebird would sit on the old Burr Oak next to the deck and watch us, as if he was fascinated with humans!

Today, it's cold. Cold for June in my book. It's 60 degrees and gray skies. Probably a great day to work in the yard. I have to admit this year on this weight loss medication I certainly have a LOT more energy for even thinking about outdoor chores. I move from one job to the next without yearning for a sit down with a cup of tea.

I'm still down 13 pounds and holding. The holding pattern doesn't bother me. I understand that my body has to adjust to the new changes. I'm hoping that a set point is being established.

Of course, I would love to lose more who doesn't who is trying to lose weight? I also realize that 13 pounds is a lot and frankly that's 13 pounds farther away from that Diabetes Type II "borderline". Since I crossed over to the "dark side" of that borderline I want to get as far away from it as possible. I am far more concerned about that disease then how I look in my clothes or my double chin.

And, on to another topic. I am a great fan of the book series, The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. A friend told me that it was a HBO series and sent me her copy of the first season. John and I have been enjoying watching a show every night. Unfortunately, we have reached the last show on the last disk. I'll have to research and see if there is another season out. I highly recommend it!

Well, that's all the notes that I have on my desk. So far it's been a busy week and weekend. Oh, I need to take a picture of it for you but remember how John built a little shelf and attached it to the beam under the upper deck, for the Swallows? Last year after a lot of discussion by a number of chattering Swallows a nest was built and we had four little Swallows peering down at us every time we went out the downstairs door. 

Well, this year they came back to examine the shelf. John had removed the old nest. I don't know if they reuse a nest or not. I'm thinking they might since the parents and grandparents and so on, of these Swallows used to nest in the big old barn across the street. That barn has been there for over 50 years and I'm sure the farmer didn't get up to those beams and knock down the nests!

Anyway, this year they made another nest. Now, I can't tell if they are using it but there is another nest just made in the upper corner, under the deck.
A very proper beautiful cone shaped mud nest. I swear it's as if one of the old uncles came over to say, "Yup, that wood shelf thing is handy but nothing beats a proper nest and you should know how to build one."

Since they seem to be very sociable birds it may be that we have two separate families living next to each other. 

Cleaning the poop off of the stone patio, under the deck is worth it to watch these beautiful birds raise their families. Plus, they keep down the biting bugs, which is always appreciated.

:)Bea, who hopes you have been observing your world around you, appreciating the fact that you can.

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  1. Wonderful post Bea. Yes, seems all I have been doing is observing nature and not doing any art. I sure enjoy watching the birds and all other wildlife. Like you, I wondered if they were observing us too. LOL I think they do. Yesterday I saw two boat tailed grackles on my urn fountain with their black/blue irredescent wings spread and their heads up and back, exactly the same and they stayed like that for the longest, like statues. No camera of course, but it was a beautiful site, especially since the grackles are not well thought of usually.