Saturday, June 22, 2013

The those mysteries.

I will be the first to tell you that I am superstitious. I grew up with a mother raised in the Pennsylvania Dutch traditions. There was a certain respect for the order of things and for that which can not be explained there where precautions. 
Don't bring back luck on yourself by walking under a ladder, don't even think of letting that black cat cross your path. Why bring disorder upon yourself. Just follow the time tested rules.

And, with time I managed to acquire additional precautions. Feng Shui seemed logical. Following some simple rules for energy flow made sense to me.

And, it was much more fun to clean and rearrange the house when I was focused on getting the right things in the right place to help the chi.

This picture did NOT head my blog because I would like you to think that this is a rare occurrence in my house. I would really like you to believe that I am a tidy person. Of course, if you really know me you know I work in spurts and sometimes disorder is NOT a priority in my life.

It's raining today and although I am escaping weeding in the yard I do have indoor chores that are beyond quietly whispering my name they have been SHOUTING at me. CLEAN ME!!!!!!

With my new successful beginning weight loss and some additional life style changes, I looked around my kitchen and thought that perhaps it was time to consider what I had out on my counters. Did I still cook that way? Did I want to encourage myself to go back to my old style cooking? Yes, I have a food processor out on my counter and yes I use it for chopping vegetables. Well, I have, in the past, but lately I have been practicing the mindset of mindfulness. So, I cut the veggies on the cutting board. Aware of what I am doing, size of the slices, etc.

It was in cleaning the food processor and putting it away that I actually looked at the window sill and saw the spider web.
I don't mind spiders. Not a big fan of spider webs though. 
Cleaned off the window sill and then realized that I had been neglecting my Feng Shui in my NORTH CORNER.
And, that is why you see the penny pig sitting up there.
If you want to bring wealth into your life and home you put a coin in the north corner of your home.
Well, if one coin is good you know that a bunch of them is going to be better, right? Makes sense to me.
You can also put a turtle in that corner.
Once upon a time when I was just reading my paperback book about Feng Shui and going through my cleaning phase, OUT IT GOES IF I DON'T LOVE IT, I put all the odds and ends that decorate my home on the dining room table. Things would find a new home that I loved for it or be donated.

First thing on the list was to remove from the table what I would need to Feng Shui my house properly.
Hey, if putting a coin in the corner works, and we know that more coins work, well then Spock would certainly agree that it was logical to add the turtle to the corner.
So, the turtle sits in front of the penny pig.

Don't have a coin, don't have a turtle then you can put a piece of amethyst in the corner. I mean, come on, you must have one of those three somewhere around the house. 
Ok, so now everything is clean, cared for and the money can now flow back into our lives.
That is not to say I don't appreciate all that John does and how hard he works. If you want the universe to work with you, you have to SHOW UP.
You have to do the work. Can't just sit around and wait and do nothing.
So, once again the north corner of the house is clean and properly set to attract the correct chi.
I can't say that the rest of the house is clean, yet. 
I'm working on it. Honest.



  1. I too have corners, and the shui needs a way:)

  2. I have my my dusty corners. But until I complete the move of my studio...well in good time all will be completed. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart