Sunday, June 30, 2013

In The Beginning..........

It was back in early 2004 when Zetti Corkey first surfaced. My knees were so bad I found it difficult to even walk. I found myself looking around the Yahoo Art Groups on the Internet. I joined some that were new concepts for me, one was the Artist Trading Card group, another a Art Postcard swapping group and through those members I discovered another site, all about Zetti. 
There is an article, by Susan Luke that is worth reading if you really want to understand the art style. She has a link there to Teesha Moore's blog that explains the art style that she created.
All I know is that I was new to the world of "water art". The world of acrylic paints, mixed media and that kind of art.
When I stumbled into Zettiology I found myself in another world. It was more than pointy hats, black and white striped legs and slightly off center art, for me it was extremely freeing. It resonated with me. 

My first ATC swap in the group, Zettiland was for the theme
Your Favorite Zetti. I didn't have a favorite so I just played and 

Zettiago arrived. I have to say I looked at the finished piece in amazement. I wasn't particularly in love with it but it held a certain fascination for me. 

I continued doing swaps, loving the idea of themes because it challenged me to focus my thoughts and ideas. 
I had a fondness for this ATC, When The Zetti Circus Comes To Town, a colored pen and ink.
From the Zetti Traveler, Exploring The Sights of Zetti, it was the first seed thought about a Zetti personality. I think that is probably one reason I would encourage artists to think about doing a series on a theme. The more you play the more things develop. I was now developing my own personal vocabulary for Zetti.
I played with pen and ink and collage.  I remembered that in High School art I had loved collage. I designed the Senior Class play program in collage.
I knew other artists in the Zetti group were using more of the pointy hats, wings, black and white striped legs and I loved seeing them but I still found myself exploring different ideas with a Zetti eye.
 And, then one day, while playing around with an ATC idea I found myself making this card. It was also very clear, LOUD and CLEAR what words were to go on the card. 
Some of my artist friends tell me they have a difficult time putting a name to their finished art work.

I can't say that has ever been a problem. Usually, halfway through a working on a piece the name is first and foremost in my mind. Sometimes, right at the beginning of the piece.
For this card, as soon as I had put the frame around the face I could hear, in my mind, Corky did not want to be art!

Zetti Corky had made his first appearance. 

In the Zettiology group we moved on to Altered Books. Sending them around the country, for other artists. to do a spread in the book.
This was one of many Zetti Corkey books that made the rounds. Unfortunately, the first Altered Book that I made was lost half way through the round. It's probably in some Time Warp, slid through some Black Hole in the post office.

The Field Notebooks of Zetti Corkey started to appear more and more. I found that he liked to travel. He liked to travel to places and worlds that were unfamiliar to me. He went back and forth in time and so it became apparent that Zetti Corkey was a Time Traveler.  And, yes, that was probably influenced by my love of Dr. Who.

If you create a Time Traveler, you create information and information comes in the form of notebooks, specimens, examples and of course collections. These things need a home.  A place where they can be stored, labeled correctly, sorted out. 

And, that of course, led to the Zettiland Historical Society and a volunteer, Z'bea to be the Keeper of the Records Of  Z'Corkey. (In Zettiland, when one comes of a certain age the correct title is the Z with the apostrophe before the name)

I found that Z'bea had her own personality. She had a certain fondness for Z'Corkey and her job but some definite opinions about both of them. She made her notes about her thoughts and opinions on everything, in every trunk, case, box or book of Z'Corkey's that she sorted. 

We may never meet Z'Corkey or understand his personality but we do get a glimpse of him through the loving eyes of Z'bea.

It's true I have left Z'bea in the Sub-basement, doing her UNPAID job for a number of years now. I can not ignore her any longer. 

When I first started creating Zetti art, my family was as confused as many of you are.  It's not really a style that you can explain but I would often point out something that I saw, or we were watching and say, "See, that's rather Zetti."  It was through those lessons that I knew they were "getting it" when we were watching the DVD A Series of Unfortunate Events and John said, "Hey, this is really Zetti"!

It was and he was right. If you want the "feel" of Zetti that's a movie to watch. 

The leading picture is of a postcard I made for a series of Zettiland National Holidays.

If you Google, Zetti Art you will find different artists that have made albums of their art for you to see. If you visit them you will see that we all have a different interpretation of the idea. I think I can safely say that for all of us, it opened up a different door. 

Zetti art, for me, has no boundaries, there are no boxes, it is extremely freeing. It is very close to the edge, too so I don't stay long.  I renew then I back away. I don't have striped black and white tights, honest.............ok but they were for a Halloween costume.  Really!

So, every once in a while you will open this blog to find you are in Zettiland. Just take a deep breath, smile, reach for your cuppa and sit back and hopefully enjoy the ride.

:)Bea, who in no way is Z'bea, really, I'm not we just share the name, nothing more, HONEST.


  1. I am in love with the "no boundaries " theme in zettiology and Teesha Moore is a favorite artist of my best friend in Tucson...we are thinking of exploring an available workshop. Thank you for this introduction. How is Miss Riley's horseback riding lessons going? Have a bountiful week of creativity...I am completing the very last of my final move but I will be busy sorting and relocating items in my new sewing studio. Peace be with you, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. I am lucky to have a few pieces of your Zetti work and keep them on display at home and office. They elevate me at challenging times, provoke my thinking--and always bring you wherever I am. Even though I was around during the Zetti years, I never really knew or put together the "formal" story and it was wonderful to hear your summary of it. Loved the OWL story and hope that you are back to writing.


  3. Oh these are so much fun! Zetti is a blast to play around with! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog so I could come visit yours. :)