Sunday, June 09, 2013

I want to state, right here, JUST FOR THE RECORD, I NO LONGER run the lawn tractor over rocks. 

I know it's been said in the past that I have and perhaps still do.


And, FOR THE RECORD, I was told by a certain someone that it was OK to drive over and cut small twigs and it wouldn't damage the blades.

And, just because while he was weeding my garden bed a certain someone claims he heard me running over BIG, GARGANTUAN LOGS on the woods path..........all I can suggest is that sound is exaggerated in the woods.

AND, you say, while you deep sigh and wonder why does she post this stuff, WHY IS ALL OF THAT IMPORTANT?

Just for the record, I did come out of the woods and CONTINUE CUTTING THE GRASS with the lawn tractor and I did get all the way to the other end of the acreage CUTTING GRASS before...............

Ok, let me just add here that Riley gave me a white rubber duckie to keep on the little dashboard of the lawn tractor.
I really like that little rubber duckie. It's hard to personalize a lawn tractor, you know?

Now, I came to the back corner, cut once around edge, next to the fruiting blackberry bushes.  It was on the second pass that the tractor STOPPED CUTTING and at the same time something white POPPED up in the air and landed in the grass.  It was white and round and I sat on the tractor wondering, first why it stopped cutting and what the heck flew out from under it.  I got off and went over to pick it up and discovered it was the now, grease smeared rubber duckie.
Apparently, he had slid off, on the turn and got caught up with something under the tractor that caused the blades to stop cutting.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

There are some, still to be unnamed that doubt this story and claim the belt came off from running over large tree branches in the woods.

Oooooooooh look, SQUIRREL!!!!!!!!


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  1. For the record. I know nothing. I see nothing. I just keep my head down and paint birdhouses:)