Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Here comes the sun............

WAKEY, WAKEY.......come on, get up sleepy head and let's take an early morning drive!

Yup, it's 5:30am.

I'll ignore that because I know you just woke up.

Did I mention that's it's a BEAUTIFUL DAY?

That's mist rising off the nearby pond. Yeah, it's only 47 degrees right now. 
Does it get any more beautiful? 
There is one of my favorite old barns to photograph. Can't tell you why but it just seems to always speak to me when I come driving up, "TAKE MY PICTURE"!
This old bridge is one of my favorite spots to just stop and park the car, get out and have my coffee while I listen and watch the water rushing over the rocks. It's absolutely quiet here. All you can hear is the water and an occasional bird singing.

The light is so beautiful at this time in the morning. I know you can't really experience it the way I did, this morning. The shadows, colors and textures in this grove just took my breath away.
This tree and I are old friends. I've probably taken a picture of him in every type of weather and season. It's a gorgeous tree. I remember trees that I have taken pictures of, like a golfer remember a drive on a certain hole at a particular golf course.
I have enormous respect for trees that are done with the cycle of life. I guess they fall in the same category as old barns in my book, worthy of a record of their existence.
At this time of the season I never get tired of admiring the rows of newly planted crops, especially corn. There is beauty in the circles and rows that have been planted.
I know these back roads well now. It's still a surprise when I come down a hill, round a corner and see a blanket of mist just beginning to rise out of the fields.
I'm the only one on these back roads. I'm the only one that got to pull over, by the side of the road and watch this beautiful deer stroll through the field. When there is a car it's almost always going in the opposite direction, into town.
Sometimes a get glimpses of a gorgeous view as I begin to make my turn. 
These aren't National Geographic quality pictures. These are just my look through the lens at what I love to see.
I'm really quite, quite happy here. The landscape is very familiar to me and soothes my soul.
 I cross back over another one of my favorite streams and I think I could be in another country. There is something that resonates at my core when I find my spots.
I smile when I pass by this last remaining Oak Savanna. Once this area was covered with groupings like this.

Home again, home again, jiggity, jig. We're in time to have breakfast. What a great start to the day.

I have three apple trees to plant.
Grass seed to spread in the area to the left of the barn that was cleared.
Then it should be lunch time.
Well, there's a plan!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. beautiful....I can almost hear the birdsong.