Wednesday, June 12, 2013

He can still surprise me!

It was a beautiful morning yesterday. I got dressed for a day of weeding and hauling mulch. John came up with a better plan for the morning...let's hit the road!
His thinking and you ladies have to love this was that we spend a lot of time with Riley and it's important for him and I to spend time together too.
I mean, is that sweet or what?
And, hey, a morning of taking pictures, on the road vs pulling weeds and loading and hauling mulch? Not much of a contest.
We had coffee then dropped off Murphy at Puppy Daycare and just started driving. We're always looking for a back road, one that we haven't been on and after some debate in Paoli we did find that perfect road.
In this part of the world, Oak Savannas were and still are a common thing. I admit that many have disappeared with the cultivation of fields but you will still find remnants of these wonderful old oaks preserved in front of a farm house.
Look at the size of this trunk. It's an amazing tree.
The farms are fewer and farther apart. We passed this one farm that had damned up their part of the stream bed for their ducks and geese. Below the fence the stream still slowly ran under the road to the fields across the street.
The geese on the front lawn were fine until they saw me start to take pictures, then there was a great rising of bodies, flapping of wings and honking.
We decided to keep on moving.
I had originally wanted to take a picture of the barn but this family just seemed to be saying, "Hey, what's wrong wit us"?
They are just gorgeous. I just want to grab a book, an apple and sit down with my back leaning against one of them. 
From the top of the ridge road down into the valleys, the roads were always beautiful. You don't know where the journey is going to take you.

There are stories, out there on the road.
Here's a question for you, the reader.

Leave your answers and thoughts in the comment section.


Thanks for taking a ride with us. BTW we ended up in Mineral Point for lunch, then drove home and joined the real world. John went to work and I went to start weeding.  But, I had wonderful things to think about as I pulled those two feet high thistle plants.

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