Monday, June 03, 2013

Happy Anniversary old geezer!

Well, there it is, 44 years plus one, together. We may actually be starting to look alike. True this particular picture was taken two years ago but honestly, nothing much has changed.
The plus one was the year we knew each other before we got married. As far as I am concerned that counts too. I mean that's when the training started, right lades?
We went for  drive last night and stopped n New Glarus for dinner. New Glarus is or was founded by the Swiss and probably still has quite a few descendants of Swiss farmers around. We ate in a tiny little restaurant.  It used to be the Post Office and other various things. It was packed with tables. You had to be young and skinny to be a waitperson just to get between the tables.

The menu was strong on Swiss food.  Although, I think the deep fried cheese curds that John ordered for an appetizer might have been just a pure Wisconsin State Fair item.
We stayed off of the smaller highways and took the back roads to New Glarus. You can't beat these beautiful "squigglie" roads, as Riley calls them. A picture like this often adorns the cover of my blog books because it represents the Journey of Life, as far as I am concerned. Something beautiful to enjoy each moment, not knowing where that bend is going to take you or what unexpected person or thing you will meet or see.
And, a road might just take  you to a vista like this.
Or a small village, once a four corners stop with a Cheese store on the corner, now the home of Bart Simpson.

I have no clue who this saintly gentleman is. He's on the side of a building in downtown New Glarus. Perhaps there is a Swiss saint that I don't know about?
We had a lovely meal and while getting back into the car we hear the church bells in the steeple ringing out, It's a Grand Old Flag.
So, I leave you on this beautiful third day of June with a rousing rendition of the song. :)Bea


  1. Happy Anniversary Bea and John! 44 years is definitely something to be proud of! Love the picture.

  2. HAPPY two look stunning together and have shared a wonderful life! party on guys! You are an inspiration! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. Happy Anniversary! Love the picture!