Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Good morning sunrise.

We took a drive the other night when Riley was visiting us, an ice cream drive. She likes to read the road signs to us from the back seat.
She shouted out, "Deer sign", and then Grandpa stopped the car, backed up and said, "Hey, what's unusual about THAT deer sign"?

Well, it's not the fact that it doesn't have any bullet holes in it.  Something else...........did you see it?

The birds get me up now, on a regular basis at 4:15am. Babies are growing and hungry. The Robins in the nest, on the back of the house are getting so big now that the oldest and biggest one sits outside of the nest on the top of the birdhouse. He's been fluttering his wings.  I hope everybody realizes how high up he is. It's up on the second floor of the house. That's a long drop down if he's not strong enough to fly. Ok, I'm not even going to think about this.

The Red Fox just ran across the front yard. I'm not sure how much territory they cover but our front yard is certainly one of it's main thoroughfares.

Looks like a cloudy sky moving in today.  We were to have scattered rain showers last night but I guess they didn't get here. If it rains this morning, that's fine. I have three apple trees to plant and soft ground sure helps with the digging.

I had a dream the other night.  Another one of those here's your next painting one. It was actually funny because I was visiting people I didn't know, in a house I didn't know and they presented me with a gift. I opened the box and took out a small painting.
It was in a grid with a copper ring in the center and the yellow and black bird feathers that I had found, in the yard were in the center, of the ring, coming out of the ring. They told me that it was for me. 
I mentioned the dream to John the next morning at coffee and before the end of the day he handed me a small copper ring that he had cut for me. "Now, get busy painting", he said.

I normally don't pay much attention to my dreams, only the ones that stay with me for longer than a day. I've found that those are ones that I really need to listen to.

Riley stayed here last night. John took her to soccer in the afternoon and then she played in the pool with him. She was so tired I just put her in her jammies and called her mother and said, "You can come get her but I suspect she is going to be asleep by the time you get here." We agreed that maybe she should just spend the night. John will drop her off at daycare, then drop of Murphy at day care and then take himself to work. It's the Peabody school bus all over again!

Wednesday, she takes her first riding lesson. There is a small stable down the road, where Hayden actually had riding lessons a coupe of years back. It's connected with 4-H and all the instructors are local high school girls that have worked with these horses since they started riding.
They are going to start Riley on a pony.  She has to wear her Dora bike helmet, long pants and boots. She is pretty excited about the whole thing. I'm not sure she really understands what exactly is involved like actually sitting on TOP of the horse. But, she's a pretty brave little girl so I'll take some pictures for you all.

She's been working on her under water ballet routines in the pool.  She can now do three backward somersaults, one right after another before she comes up for air.  I'm impressed!

Ok, got to go make my To Do list for today.  First thing on the list is to finish hooking up the new printer. Mine finally started to print everything like it had the jitters. I asked the Geeks at Best Buy if that was something that could be fixed and sadly, it can't so I now have a new Cannon. Had I been quicker about making up my mind I could have had an Epson, on sale but I missed that one.

The Cannon is really nice.  It has separate ink cartridges and even has a gray one. That's supposed to make for better color printing. We'll see. I would just like to get clear, good color prints on the fabric I feed through it.

Off to have a wonderful day.  Hope you have one too. 

"If you want a thing well done, get a couple of old broads to do it." 
               Bette Davis


  1. Wow you all know how to pack in a whole day too!!! I would love to see Riley on her pony with her Dora helmet...she is a brave young spirit. The answer is....the antlers are backwards...right???? We had a young buck with velvet on his antlers ...pulling down the sour cherry branches to add a bit more fiber to his diet. Have a glorious day! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Looking forward to seeing the dream painting. Enjoy the day! Donna