Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fire burn, pot bubble? No that's not right.

Summer Solstice might be the start of a new tradition at our house. It seems that last year around this time we took Riley downtown to dinner at a local Italian place.  You can sit out on the veranda, look out at the lake and listen to the traffic drive by down below.
Last night after a grueling time spent pulling weeds with roots already on their way to China, flopping in the pool to cool off, we got a late start off to dinner.
Once there we were told we had a half hour wait. Normally, that's not something I would even bother with but I think we were to tired to even think about walking back to the car without food in us.
Riley held the blinker, patiently waiting for it to light up.  She finally, got up and went over to the desk to ask the lady, "Whens this thing going to light up"?
It did and then we got seated. And, we waited and waited, the waitstaff overworked, short handed or maybe just not the best at that particular job? The sky was getting darker, storm clouds moving in. And, we were sooooooooooo hungry. I have to say for a four year old she was a real trooper. Not a word of complaint out of her. 
We entertained ourselves by taking pictures of each other. Can you see the 19 pound weight loss?  Why I think I'm down a chin!
Even pleading with the goddess for food didn't hurry up the service.
We ate, probably in record time. The sky getting darker and darker. We stopped at a playground as promised so she could demonstrate her skills at the jungle gym, I guess that is what it is called.
Then our last stop at the Monona Bait and Ice Cream store where they truly do sell worms to the fisherman and ice cream to the brave.
This time she decided to try something new and went for Orange Sherbet to share with Grandpa.
Grammybea just stayed in the car, it's safer that way. I also tried out a new thing when ordering my dinner.  I asked the waitperson to bring a take home box with my dinner.  Then I put 3/4 of it in the box. Out of sight, out of mind. 
We drove past the huge bonfire, lots of drumming and people enjoying the Summer Solstice.
Mother Nature put on her own show. It was so dark I could barely get a picture. The storm clouds were in thick layers. I've really hardly ever seen a sky like this. There was a distinct edge to the storm that was pretty neat to see. I managed to get this picture while John was stopped at a light.

It's early now and the next day and it rained all night. Everything looks beautiful but along with the flowers growing nice and thick, so do the weeds. I remind myself that this is what I have been looking forward to all winter and this year this is the first time, in a while, that I have actually felt like I had energy to tackle these projects. If I can actually stay on top of the gardens then perhaps it won't be so much work next year. 

I probably say that every year, don't I? Well, I'm fortunate enough to even have a garden so pull up those big girl panties, Bea and get going.

The Bluebird babies are probably almost ready to leave the nest.  Mama has been feeding them nonstop this morning since 4:15 when I sat down at the computer.  I swear I can see a little head at the nest box opening. The Robin babies are demanding breakfast, those are the ones on the front porch in the wicker basket on the wall.  The ones on the top of the nesting box, on the back of the house all flew away last week. The Swallows are feeding babies on both sides of the house and in two nests downstairs on the lower patio, under the upper deck. 
It's going to be very quiet when everybody packs up and leaves.
I always forget that all this bird sound and activity is short lived, in the summer. They come, they nest, they move off into the woods. 
I've only seen one fawn so far this spring. No twins this year.
Well, the day is getting brighter.  The gorgeous full moon, a tangerine color has gone down in the west.
I woke up early again this morning dreaming of finished art pieces.

Hope you have a creative day. 


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  1. What a glorious summer adventure...even if it was a wee late. Enjoy the Super moon...tonight it should be expansive and give off wonderful moon glows for sweet tender hearts. Riley is such a dear spirit. Yes you are looking great my dear!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart