Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Breakfast at the Union

Before "Auntie" Donna left town we took her down to the University for breakfast on the Union terrace. Although, morning traffic was bad it wasn't  crowded at the Union because it's between session and the students were gone.
Riley thoroughly enjoyed herself, chasing her shadow.
And, getting up her nerve to walk the entire length of the stone wall. Anything is possible if you have Granny's hand to hold.
Sometimes it's even necessary to hold someone else's hand when they are uneasy. Grandpa and Riley have a long standing "game" that they play when they are in the hot tub. Riley gets to turn the underwater lights on and pick which color she wants. Whenever she would pick red, Grandpa would pretend he was afraid of the color red. This theme developed into just the general color red.
While walking to the Union, I was holding Riley's hand. When she spotted the Old Red Gym she told me that she would have to go hold Grandpa's hand because that red castle was going to scare him and besides the Red Queen lived in there.
It's a beautiful old building and you know I can believe that the Red Queen might live there.
Anyway, Grandpa played along and provided us with a photo of pure angst.
All in all a beautiful morning, good food, slightly foggy view of the lake and boats but we did get to see someone out kayaking and of course the ducks.
Then it was back to the real world, daycare, work and for Donna and I, time to get back to creating, in the studio.
I had her carve her own linoleum block, you can see the print of it on the upper part of the fabric. Then she created a screen for printing using a variety of texture items. She printed the screen then applied more dye with some stamping. 
All in all, she left early Tuesday morning having had a restful, creative vacation.
I so enjoy our little mini art camps.


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