Thursday, June 06, 2013

As you walk the path it's nice to have company.

I write my blog for my family and friends. It's a way to let them know what I am up to, what I think about things, where I have been and where I think I am going. It's a record of a portion of my JOURNEY through life. 
I got interested in genealogy because my family is small, very small and confused. There didn't seem to be anyone left to ask question. It's not that they were all "late" as Mma Precious Ramotswe would say, it was more that the few that are left seem to be dysfunctional. Finding them, getting them to talk to me would be more work than I am willing to put myself through.
One of the things that I realized though was I did have questions and I would have loved to have sat down with my Great Grandmother and listened to her talk about her life, her hope, her dreams, her stories.
I would have loved to hear my Great Grandfather talk about his love of baseball, his years on the Pennsylvania-Reading Railroad and his family.
So, I decided when blogs arrived that this was a good way to let the members of my family have a peek into a certain period of my life, hear my stories, learn how I felt about things and my art.
I came to art late in life. Not as old as Grandma Moses but nearly. The Internet actually introduced me to art again. What little I had was tucked away in childhood memories and a few wonderful art classes in school.

I love the fact that during this process of writing the blog I have found NEW friends, on my journey. I want to thank you again, dear friends for taking the time to stop by, read what is new, sometimes leaving a comment or two. I wish that we lived closer and we could actually share cup of tea and catch up on what's new in your life. For most of you I do have your blogs to go to and see.

In our JOURNEY through life we meet all sorts of people. People that often come in and out of our life and others that stay. Companions on the walk. We may for short times take separate paths but eventually we seem to meet up and take up where we left off. Old Friends.

My old friend, Donna, old in time measured by our friendship not age, is visiting with me for a few days. She has snuck back into town, not telling the rest of her friends that she is here so she can spend time with me, playing in the studio. Life two little girls we will play with our paints and dyes, experimenting, laughing, getting messy and just connecting on one of the many levels we have in common. 
Donna has a blog that is worth checking out. She set herself a challenge to find something beautiful every day and write about it. 
What she has found in the process of writing her blog is that in looking around her her awareness has expanded, one beautiful thing moved her to another and another, people starting stopping by to read her blog that were artists, writers, poets, etc. Without spreading the word they found her blog and came.
Cut and paste and enjoy!

Today, we will, ignore the cool, gray, misty day and turn on the bright lights of the Studio and make something beautiful or maybe silly.

I'm so glad that we are sharing this part of the Journey together.



  1. Amen. Ditto. Thanks for love, friendship, rejuvenation, reminding me of the joy, sharing and supporting. Can't imagine the journey without you. Donna