Thursday, May 23, 2013

You say cartone and I say cartoon........

I can't honestly remember where I took this photograph. It was in my Texture & Design Folder.
It could have been a portion of a painting or maybe a fabric I saw on a pillow. It caught my attention because of all the possibilities of texture within the shapes.
I'm just looking at what I've already saved as "interesting" for ideas for my cartoon for painting on my screen. 
For me, the word cartoon reminds me of wonderful Saturday mornings, sitting cross legged on the floor, in front of a large wood cabinet with a small TV in the middle of it. I wasn't allowed to eat in front of it so I would put off my breakfast just to see my favorite shows.  

In the art world the word came from the Italian, cartone, which meant a full size drawing made on sturdy paper. In fact, a cartoon was often used by painters, such a Leonardo da Vinci when they were about to paint a fresco on a plaster wall.

While the plaster was damp they would make pinpricks along the outline of the design to be painted, on the wall.  Then they would hold the design up to the wall and bounce or pat a bag of soot over the design, the soot falling through the pinpricks and marking the wall.

I'll be using my cartoon in the way that early tapestry cartoons were used. The weavers would refer to the colored cartoon to weave on their looms.

I will be putting a black and white copy under my screen to remind me of the placement of the main lines and then I will keep my colored cartoon to the side so that I can refer to the color placement, as I paint on my screen.

I'm using screen dye as paint. I can thicken it with the sodium alginate or leave that out and thin the dye with more urea water. That will give me the option to use the dye more like a watercolor.

Today, I have to get the house ready for Justin and his family, for the holiday weekend. It will be fun to have my three oldest grandchildren here.  They are getting so big and older so fast. I know that Riley is so excited to see her cousins again. She loves to follow Sawyer around and when Hayden pays attention to her she's in seventh heaven.

It's cold, damp and dreary today. Very few birds are flying around.  I suspect that all the females are sitting on their eggs to keep them nice and warm. The rain has taken most of the blossoms off of the fruit bearing trees. At least we had a number of days to really enjoy their beauty.

Enjoy your day.  You know what to do, right?
I'll give you a hint...............starts with a c.........


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