Wednesday, May 08, 2013

"You are starting to get on my birdie nerves!"

I open the blog today with a picture of Louie. I'll get back to this picture in a minute but I wanted your attention and he's the cat to do that.
This is my dining room table with my Geraniums brought in from the back deck. Big deal, you mutter.

Remember on Sunday when I was having a "conversation" with what I shall call Creative Robin. I don't want to get in trouble with anybody and I don't know a political correct term for a Robin that can't build a nest. 

This year she has a mate that is determined to get her on the right track. He obviously has NOT been reading my blog especially when I talk about the fact that you can't change the true nature of people.
I'm not sure even if she Robin was instructed she could build a good safe nest. Her mind isn't on it.

Anyway, Sunday they harassed me by continuing to fly into the open barn door determined to build above my head on a ladder support board. We had words. They, both of them came and sat on my table and glared at me. I shooed them away with my trusty broom.  I use that to shoo away the giant bumblebee that thinks the barn would be a great place for a nest.

Monday, she/Robin tried unsuccessfully to build a nest in my Geraniums. They are in on the back upper deck. We sit out there, the cats sun out there, it's NOT ever going to be a good place to build a nest.
I removed the long strands of hay/grass that she kept draping over the pot. I removed the three pots on that side of the deck that she was trying to build in. She found the other three on the other side. She continued to draped useless long pieces of hay/grass over the tops of the plants. Finally, I removed those plants to the dining room table.

When I walked by the door Mr. Robin was sitting on the railing looking in GLARING at me. Now, I don't want to get all "Bird movie" here but he GLARED. He did not look happy. And, that's hard because normally I don't think of birds as having any expressions.

That's Dog In The Hole Studio and the barn. I gave her my ART SUBSTRATE!!!!!!  See that twig wreath on the side of the barn?  John put that up for her.  He screwed it into the siding, he wired it top and bottom to the barn so it wouldn't bounce around in any wind. Has she even looked at it?  no

That's where the top photo comes in. This morning she decided that the gutter bend was a good support for her nest. HAH!  I use the word liberally. Her draping of hay/grass. She's been at this since the sun came up, by my count of two hours. Nothing stays up there it slides off.

She acts all surprised when she arrives and there is Louie standing up at the window watching her. I'm not sure she understands he's a cat. He certainly understands that she's a bird.

I expect to have the Mr. along soon sitting on my open windows doing some more glaring. 

When I was growing up I babysat for the folks next door. They had two large outdoor tabby cats named Ben and Jerry, after the cartoon not the icecream.
Those poor cats had bald spots on the tops of their heads where Bluejays would dive bomb them. I remember having to bring one of the poor boys in and wash the blood off the top of his head. He weighed about 30 pounds so it wasn't easy even getting him inside. 

I don't want to have to wear a hat outside all summer just because Mr. Robin mated with a creative soul that likes to drape grass rather than make nests.

Those of you that garden can appreciate all the work I did yesterday. I planted a hot pink and white Geraniums around Helga. I still have to clean out the dead stems from the Blackeye Susans.
You can't really see it well on the picture of the barn but I planted Bright Red Geraniums in that bed along the side of the Studio.
I cleaned out some other beds in front, raked leaves from the front entrance of the driveway then ran the lawnmower over them.  Ground them up nicely. They blew all over the grass.  Good natural mulch.

I have wood mulch being delivered today, five yards.  That's not as much as last year but we did such a good job last year putting on a deep layer that I just need to tidy up the bed with a new top layer.

My goal today, since it's going to be ANOTHER GORGEOUS DAY, just like yesterday is to get the front beds all tidied up, much around the trees, plant some Bright red geraniums along the front walkway and then cut the back yard grass.

Oh, and I'm putting all the pieces of fabric that we plan to use this summer in soda ash baths. It will be so much easier to just have a big basket of already treated Prepared For Dyeing fabric on hand.  It's a good day to hang them up on the Studio drying line that John put up for us.

It's supposed to rain tomorrow so I need to get all the outdoor chores done I can.  I can go back to the sorting, in the Studio tomorrow.

So, it's time to finish my coffee, get going, the day is young and beautiful.

Have a beautiful day, do something creative you know it's good for your Soul.



  1. Looks like everything is green in your area. Yes, the birds and the cats are pure entertainment. Loved reading about the robin. I had one last year that took about a month to build her nest, but she finally got it. The male helped some. I thought they built nests faster than that, but maybe she just couldn't make decisions on how she wanted it. :) Don't work too hard! It looks beautiful!

  2. Well this robin is persistent if nothing else and poor Louie ...he will have a heart attack before Summer gets here. I love the idea of a soda bath...for future dying projects. I am thinking of having a dye party in should be nice and hot... and we will be looking forward to some wild colors! Have a great week! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. I see the trees are finally coming out. Looks beautiful.

    What's with Robins?! Don't think I had a chance to tell you, but for a month a stupid Robin runs into my one dining room window every morning about 5-6x before she remembers she is building a nest in the snowball bush (a really poor place for a nest) not the arched frame hanging in the window. Gives a whole new appreciation for the term "bird brain."

    Enjoy the day. Looks like the weekend is on point to be dreary.

  4. PS Great pic of Louie.