Tuesday, May 07, 2013

The local bird report.

Did I ever mention to you that I wanted to replicate this ruin on our property? 
I think it's beautiful. I have no idea what kind of farm building it was or for what purpose it was built.
Of course, it's way down there on my To Do List.

I found a large twig wreath at the craft store the other day.  I was all set to use it as the base for weaving a nest out of it. Yes, a giant nest. I have this idea for a large nest, in the woods, filled with the giant Easter eggs that I bought a couple of years ago for Riley to find. I am going to paint the eggs different colors rather than the pastel shades they are right now.

While working in the barn yesterday, sorting out the last of MY mess and taking things that belongs up in the studio back upstairs, a female Robin kept flying in and landing on a wood platform, that John has near the ceiling, for holding the big ladder. 

I would shoo her out.  
She would fly back in.
Finally, she showed up with her partner. They landed on my worktable and I swear I could hear him say, "What can we do for you that would let you keep the barn door up?"
Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera out there with  me. 

It's not going to happen.

I already have a Dove that has made a nest on the platform where the Peacock that lights up sits.
I guess she's a city girl because the Peacock in on all night, blinking away.  She must think she's nesting behind a store sign.

Back to my story, so last night when John got back from taking Riley to soccer and dinner at Culvers I asked him to put my twig wreath up on the side of the barn. He screwed it in, wired it tight and now we just have to wait and see if it meets their nesting requirements.

Remember, back when I told you about the ditsy Robin that didn't know how to make a nest?
Can't find the picture now but she hung or draped long pieces of dry grasses over my door lamp. Nothing stayed in place. 
Well, I think she's back. 

And, I don't think her nesting skills have improved.
I let Louie, the Tabby cat out on the back deck this morning, only to watch the Robin continue to try to build a nest in the potted Geranium the deck.
Louie was delighted.
I wasn't.

I moved the potted plants over to the other side of the deck hoping that would confuse her. Nope, she found them and continued to bring mud and straw.
Now the plants are sitting on my dining room table until she gets the point. 

So, now I have a Robin pissed at me and Louie.

I'm really hoping that she spots the wreath soon and gets busy building over there.

The Robin nest in the brand new nice flower wreath I bought had four eggs on Sunday. Riley counted them for me. Yesterday I could see little beaks peeking up.

The phoebes have reestablished themselves in their own nest under the side upper deck. Apparently, they reuse their nests. 
The Barn Swallows have been checking out the shelf that John put up for them last year, under the other upper deck. Actually, it's right by the downstairs back door but that doesn't seem to bother them with people coming in and out.

The Bluebirds are in their box out in the prairie.
Our Lilacs are just beginning to leaf out. I really don't expect to see flowers on Mother's Day which is when they are supposed to bloom around here. We are just behind in Spring this year.

I rested yesterday from garden work.  John moved the stone bench, from the apple orchard to the pond for me, on Sunday. While I had him there working I did some digging of weeds around the pond. 
When you have artificial knees it's wonderful for getting around. I forget that I ever had such pain in my knees that I could hardly walk. The only down side is that you can't kneel. Oh, you can but it feels TERRIBLE. I can't describe the sensation but it's not pleasant. Doesn't seem like there should be a problem since they aren't real but there is.

So, to garden I have to sit on my butt or bend over.
Let me tell you bending over makes a person dizzy after a while and it's murder on your lower back.
So, I sit and scoot along on the grass. Not, pretty but practical. But the digging with my right arm and tossing the weed clumps over into my bucket got a workout.
As, Riley said, "Grammy overdoes it".
I woke up Sunday night thinking I was having a heart attack. The pain in my chest was so severe. Just a very sore muscle. 

Getting older is learning how to pace yourself and when you "overdo it" you take it easy for a day or two. I used yesterday to sort things, take a walk in the woods and check out the spring flowers, sit and just gaze across the fields to the far ridges. I listened to the bird sounds, took in the color of green. I soaked it up as if I wasn't going to see it again. 

Take some time today to just sit and enjoy where you are. Find something of beauty to watch, examine and just enjoy. Appreciate the beauty of your surroundings and if you can't find ANYTHING then reconsider where you are and what you are doing with your life. Remember how short it is.


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  1. Wonderful post Bea! Loved every word. :) Our birds are pure entertainment and that's one thing I love about this area. Lots I don't like, but I focus on the lovely.