Tuesday, May 28, 2013

THE COOKIE PROJECT - MADISON A warm thank you from Bea

In September Madison and Verona host the IRONMAN race. No, don't get excited I'm not about to enter and even if I thought I wanted to the 50 slots have been filled for awhile. 

Part of the Ironman Race is the 40 mile bike loop that the athletes do twice. This loop is out in our area and full of stiff hills and curves. 

Until the actual race day every weekend and often on weekdays we have bikers biking the route. Some are part of bicycle clubs, some individual riders but all look professional, from their biking clothes to their bikes.

We seldom see families tooling by on their bikes out for a bike ride. Our road is just a tough one for beginners to tackle.

So, we share the road with the cycles. It's what we do. Sometimes we have to wait as they get themselves lined up but honestly, do any of us have to be anywhere in that much of a hurry that we can't wait?

Last night, John and I took a walk down our road and up the nearest street calling for Louie. We were giving it one last attempt to see if we could find him.
On the way back home, discouraged because we just didn't think we were going to get him back we found a small brown paper bag attached to our rural mailbox.

On the front was a label that said, These cookies were homemade by local area triathletes and cyclists as a way to say thank you to the residents that live along the roads of the Ironman Wisconsin bike loop.  We understand that all summer long we ride through your neighborhood and we sincerely (and sweetly!) THANK YOU for driving safely around us.

What a sweet thing for them to think of doing and certainly not necessary. There is no reason for cars and bikes not to share the roadways. For someone to think of this idea, get other people involved to help was amazing. Over 367 some houses on the entire route. That's a lot of 1/2 doz. chocolate chip cookies to make, bag up and deliver.

So many times we only hear about the unpleasant things in life, the difficult things, the horrible, evil and news selling things.

Here is something that just lifted my spirits. 

BTY I didn't have any of the cookies. I enjoyed the thought, appreciated the effort, loved the idea and handed mine off to John.

This morning I'm down 13 pounds since May 1st.

Choices, life is just one choice after another.


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  1. Congratulations on your 13 lbs. loss. You go, Girl!

    I'm with you. What a great notion to do something that elevates people and gives them a sense of hope in people.

    I still hold out hope for Louie.

    I choose to go to work now and do the hardest thing first. Choice and empowerment. BTW--only 7 days to Art Camp.