Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Arm of the Spiral, has sold!

I was hot, dripping with sweat and ready for a break when I came inside this afternoon. I had spent two hours in the morning, planting, mulching, pruning, hauling buckets of weeds and branches around to my dumping area. 
I cleared an area by an old, old Oak, on one of the paths in the woods and I put a bench next to the tree.  It seemed like a perfect place to sit and think about things.
I painted two screens and left them in the sun to dry, went back to more weeding and mulching.
I had lunch, a piece of baked chicken, sliced tomato, 1/2 cup of cottage cheese and an apple. 
Then I went back to the studio, printed the two screens. I was disappointed that I really only got three prints before the dye was all gone. 
But, the day was hot and sunny and a cleaned screen dries very quickly in the sun. 
I went back and forth between yard work and screen printing. 
A pair of Swallows entertained me while I was printing by flying in and out of the open barn door.
The male chattering constantly to the female about how wonderful the top of the light fixture would be for a nest.
They sat up there side by side watching me work. They didn't seem at all bothered by my presence or Murphy's.
When I wrapped up the last wet printed piece in black plastic for its batching time I shooed the pair out of the barn and closed the door.
I know he thought it was a good idea at the time. I can imagine her telling him, "I told you so".
So, by the time I got back in the house I was, as I said, in the beginning, hot and sweaty and ready to sit down, read some mail, cool off and drink my ice tea.
Imagine my surprise to read an email that informed me that my art piece that was hanging in the coffee cafe had sold.
I mean, come on. I thought it was nice that one sold at the show at the Senior Center we did. I thought that was just the Universe telling me to stop complaining about location, location, location. 
When the second piece sold at the City Art Fair, again held up at the Senior Center I have to admit I got a little giddy. Wow, validation, can I actually call myself an artist now, for real?
This sale has me a little confused to tell you the truth. All three pieces were entirely different forms of media.
One was fused fiber collage, one a recycled scrabble board collaged with papers and paint and this last one an acrylic piece with metal and papers not framed and on a painted wrapped canvas.
Not really any constant style going on here. 
I guess the message is to just keep doing what interests me and not worry about developing a particular style. 
A friend told me she thought that I would eventually settle into one that was comfortable. You would think so but honestly, I get bored with doing the same thing over and over.
We'll see how this series I'm about to start goes.
It's not that I have the attention span of a knat. It's more about needing to have a variety of different ways to express different ideas I have.
Anyway, all three sold and three people were willing to pay $175.00 each for them. I guess I hit on the right amount for the audience. I still think that's a lot of money.
This most recent piece, The Arm of the Spiral is only 8 x 10. It was hanging so low, in the cafe that it was eye level for anyone sitting at the table right in front of it. Which also meant that if there were people sitting in front of it, with their laptop open, you couldn't really even see the painting.  It still amazes me that it sold.
They want me to drop off more work.
I wish I could. I've run into a little problem. John has snatched up all the pieces that he likes and hung them on the house walls, making a statement that they don't leave the house. Justin has taken two pieces home with him and my daughter too.
I guess it's time for me to get serious about spending some quality time in the studio. 

Ok, enough sounding my own horn. Although, if I don't how would you know? 

Well, if you are shaking your head at me you can relax. I don't have any more artwork going out anywhere until August and that's at the public library. I hesitate to say that's not the best place in the world to sell artwork. I said that about all the other places too and have been proved wrong.

:)Bea, who needs to take her swelled head to bed and dream of more finished paintings.

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  1. You are rocking now! Do what you love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart