Monday, May 27, 2013


There is one recipe that apparently NOW gets passed down from one grandchild to another. 
And, in the passing ownership of the recipe is determined by a new name.
These were Hayden's Famous, as oldest grandchild she was taught first how to make them but now having reached her preteen years and the need to stay in bed longer in the morning, she lost the title and the rights to this breakfast goodie.
Sawyer was more than willing to step up and take the apron. He even acquired a sou chef to help him, Riley.
And, if you make it you get to name it.
Hunter, having no interest in assuming the chef's apron did however feel that in his interests as an "agent" for the new chef he should help in the naming process. After Sawyer and Riley tossed out a number of possible suggestions, Hunter announced that the breakfast rolls will now forever be named,
drum roll please..............Sawyer's Nukes.
And, for the record, Riley thought that was a dumb name and when SHE gets to make them by herself she's calling them Tastie Delicious Baskets. Which is getting  jump of Curran who calls things that he really likes, tastie delicious.
That same day we decided to plant the flowers in the upper back deck planters. Sawyer really loves working with plants. Riley loves anything that Sawyer does, Murphy just has to be involved, period.
Now, I have a bone to pick with the photographer.
He should, by now, realize that big butts are NOT a pleasant sight to see, in a picture. I know he wanted to record Grammybea and the grandkids doing something together. I know he meant well, but really? This was the best angle you could get?
But, frankly, there probably isn't a good angle. 

And, when all is said and done, that's who I am right now and the activity is what is important.  The time spent having fun with the grandchildren working with nature, playing with color and plants. Teaching them how to carefully remove a plant from it's pot, prepare it for it's new home in the pot. Teaching about size and spacial relationships of pants.
That's what is important.  I know that, you know that.

Discussing how an apple grows and why they are good for us to eat. And, between you and I.....I am shocked when I see that picture of me. WHO IS THAT PERSON? MY GOD WHEN DID I GET SO FAT?
Ok, those of you that know me know I know I'm fat. I just never really seem to be in any pictures. I am usually BEHIND the camera. So, frankly, my friends it does come as a shock when I see myself as other's do see me. Because, that's not how I see  myself. 
Honestly, I know I weigh to much, I'm working on it.
I'm doing something about it but I didn't really think I looked that heavy. How can I say this, I know I'm heavy but I don't feel heavy. My weight doesn't depress me, it's who I am at this moment. My body doesn't look like this because I dislike myself. Perhaps, it's because I have not put the care of myself first? 
I also know that when I quit, AGAIN, I KNOW, drinking Diet soda I lost four pounds, again. So, despite the claims of Zero calories, there are enough chemicals that react with my metabolism in a diet soda for me to hold on to weight.
I also know that I've been moving 10xs if not more since the new knees but that doesn't seem to have worked off any fat. 
Well, friends, that's that. I'm not ashamed of how I look. It does surprise me but it will change. The wheel turns.
Since May 1st I've been working hard on keeping track of my eating, making changes, adjusting things. Watching portion size, when I eat, the choices. And, frankly, not a lot of big changes beside the cutting out of diet sodas. 
And, since May 1st, I've been taking Phentermine, lowest dose, under doctor supervision. You know what I've noticed? No side effect, no jitters, nothing negative, blood pressure still perfect, heart rate actually up to normal instead of sounding slow but the biggest thing is my energy level. I feel normal.
I'm not racing around but I am moving from one task to another without feeling like I need to sit down and rest. I don't feel like I'm dragging 100 pounds of extra weight around from job to job. 
I understand that it's the medication. I understand that there could be a rebound effect when I come off this. I understand the risks.
And, at 65 I'm more interested in having energy to do things with my grandchildren, living my life, losing weight and just having what feels like a normal energy level.
Since May 1st I've lost 12 pounds. It's a drop in the bucket as you can see from the picture. You might see it in the resurfacing of dimples in my face. Or maybe if the light is just right you can see the tentative outline of cheekbones. 
As the farmer says, when asked how he is, "I'm doing, I'm doing".

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  1. This post made me remember your DH in a photo that showed....well, a bit more than he would have liked probably. Remember that one? But your attitude is wonderful and we can't always focus on how big our butt may look in a photo. LOL I'm sure everyone sees your personality and the love you give them more.