Monday, May 20, 2013

Read the instructions? You want me to what?

I've reposted the picture of one of my print pulls from the Deconstructed Screen Printing session, in the Studio. I talked all about this two or three blogs ago and I certainly won't go into detail again but I did update that older blog with the new adjusted photos.
Apparently, there is a little button, on my camera, that you push in to allow you to unscrew your lens on the camera.  Since I don't change lenses I really didn't pay attention to that button.

I know, I know, IF I had read the instructions I would have known about it.  Lucky for me The Camera Store has some very nice employees that showed me how the entire lens was loose and when snapped on tight I no longer had out of focus close up pictures. Simple.  Easy Peasey. sigh............

Some of you might remember the blog story about a year ago where Maxwell Smart and agent 99 drove their car down to the farm down the road, in the middle of the night, with no lights, so they could
replace the broken chair outside this out building, with a old but newly painted blue one.
Smart was caught by the farmer who was looking out his window. 99 stayed in the car, cringing.
When the farmer called out to Smart and asked him if he needed any help, Smart old him, "Oh, no, we're just donating this chair because my wife likes to take pictures of it and the building".
The farmer shook his head and shut the window.

All winter I watched the chair lose it's paint, become a weathered gray. Then I drove my this morning and over the weekend SOMEBODY in that farm house repainted that chair.  They put a little blue bowl on the seat. I think this is so sweet. 

Here they have this story about some crazy people that tried to sneak this chair, onto their property because one of them likes to take pictures of it and now, because they own part of that story they are keeping up the condition of the chair. 

             lololol  It just makes me smile, big time.

I planted my pumpkins. Nine little seedlings. Three to a pot that is sunk in the ground. They are tucked up with straw. You can see the straw area over to the right of the garden fence. I usually have pumpkin vines wandering around inside the fenced in garden, too. I think last year I had four pumpkins. Not the best year with the drought.

I also planted some pink and white Inpatients around the Buddha and in the Hosta and Fern garden.  I always end up moving them because I forget how large the Hosta plants get but for now they look pretty.
Riley and Grandpa are going in the pool tonight for a little after soccer swim. GrammyB doesn't do pool water at 78 degrees. When I see the temperature has hit 82 I'm game. Why Grandpa has bunny ears on is a good question. I don't think I'm even going to ask.

It's been a beautiful day. Some of the art ladies came over this morning and we got another 8 print boards covered and taped. Then we taped three extra screens I had. Didn't take us long at all.

I think I'll go outside now and see how the swimmers are doing. Might be time for Riley to go home and get ready for bed and school tomorrow.


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