Wednesday, May 22, 2013


John's retired partner, Peggy is a talented artist among her other talents. She's also extremely athletic. I mean the kind of athletic that rock climbs, runs 100 mile marathons, that kind of athletic.

John's office has many, many gorgeous pieces of artwork donated by Peggy. She did a number of beautiful watercolor pieces. Then she discovered clay and stained glass. She started combining them into one of a kind, only Peggy kind of pieces.

This sculptured chair, with the angel riding the back of the pig, is one of them. It is standing on a table and it's probably about three feet high.
Many of her pieces are outdoor, cement and tile sculptures. This one is a planter.
The Cup Lady, sits in her studio a reminder of a friend that came over to her studio, to create a hundred or so, clay cups, for wedding table gifts. 
You can see that there is writing on the cups. On most of Peggy's recent work she has written a poem about the piece which she puts right on the artwork.
I wish I had written down this poem.
This acrylic painting hands in the entrance to her studio. Peggy loves snowboarding. If I remember correctly she entered snow boarding contests, at the local ski hills and almost always one in her age group. Not a lot of over 65 snowboarders out there.
This is Lizard Lady. She's the largest piece that she has done. She sits in the middle of Peggy's studio.
This is just stage of a Totem Pole.

My camera lens wasn't properly aligned when we visited her home and studio. I am sad that some of the close up pictures that I took were just to fuzzy to share.

One of the quirks of her sculptures is that the figures often have bare butts. There is almost always a poem written on the piece, somewhere and they are colorful. 

Most of her collection was on it's way out to her new home in Colorado. She wanted John and I to see it before it got wrapped and moved. I'm so glad she did. 

Her artwork expresses a sense of joy to me. It makes me smile. 

She's generous with her art. We have a beautiful glass birdbath that she made for each of the members of the office. She did glass portraits of each of the people that worked in the office. They hung on a big wall, in the old office, before the fire.

I admire her energy, her enthusiasm, her need for self expression and her smile. She's somewhere out in Utah, climbing rock hills and mountains or maybe she's biking 100 miles, on a Tandem bike, with her husband, I know she is enjoying life, EVERY MINUTE OF IT.

Yes, she's not the norm. Most of us just get through the day. I like to think of her as inspiration. 

Between those thoughts of her busy life and John and Riley chanting, "You got to Move It, Move It" as they work in the garden, I keep going. 

Make each minute count for you. Don't squander it on to many mindless things. Keep a journal with you. Jot down ideas for creative things. Keep a camera with you and take pictures of all sorts of things. Find out what YOU like to photograph. It may surprise you. Point and shoot cameras are relatively cheap these days and take great pictures. 

Start looking around you at patterns, textures, contrasts and colors.

If you start to encourage your creativity to be with you moment by moment it will surprise you. 

You might actually find beauty where you least expected to find it. 

You might find inspiration in the strangest of places.

Enjoy life!


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