Friday, May 03, 2013

Like a golfer, I can.............

It's true, like a golfer who can regale you with tales from different golf games over the years, great drives, etc. I can point to a barn, tree, stream or special view and tell you that I've taken THAT picture. 
I'm not interested in well kept barns or pretty trees.
I take pictures of things that have aged and some not well. 

I have a folder in my picture file for the absurd and strange. John knows to slow down when he spots something up ahead on the road. He sometimes even sees something that I didn't see and we turn around, go back so I can get a shot.

She isn't something strange but she is beautiful. A Holstein-Friesian or Holstein as she is known around these parts. I drive by the "ladies" every day on my way to town. I've found when going through my shots that I have often taken a picture of a beautiful cow.

Interesting gravestones will capture my attention, too. I think, they like the texture folder are things that I can use for photo transfer in art work. 
When it comes to  full photo folder (say that ten times in a row) I excel in taking pictures of close ups of old trees. I love the texture, the curves, the signs of wear and tear.
Certain kinds of landscapes just pull at me. It's the combination of sky and land. I never have a problem going on a photo shoot with my best friend Donna.  We share the same loves. The car will creep along at 20 miles an hour on a back road when one of us will yell stop! And, yet our final pictures are different. We both see with an artist eye but we are focusing on different components.

So, why all the pictures about what kinds of things I like?  I'm gathering information right now. I have, in mind a Series of paintings that I want to do. My goal is to have a sufficient number of them to put in a show with my artist group and if possible to have my own show. 

I didn't plan to go in this direction. I started out ten years ago, moving from making quilts to working in mixed media. I dabbled.  I learned. I took online classes. I mucked about and every once in a while something turned out that somebody liked. That's important because most of the things that I create, if they make it to a finished stage, I like, period.
It's always nice to know that somebody else likes them but they are my babies.

I've been taking a class with Julie Prichard, called Eight Great Paintings. It's a class that stands on it's own but if you are interested it's worth your while to look at the other classes she and Chris Cozen have offered. The wealth of knowledge from those classes is to me like having taken art courses at the local collages or University.

When I took the Eight Great Paintings course I realized that as I watched the videos I knew the techniques, I had learned how to apply them, how to create them and now maybe it was time to actually pull all the collective knowledge together and get going.

So, people, in the revised words Max Bialystock, "Bea, is launching herself into little old lady land".
I will be working full steam this summer on this project. I hope to keep you all updated on the progress and what kinds of techniques I'll be using on each piece.

First step is done. Canvases are collected and primed. 

Second step is done. I've gathered my own photo images that I want to use. I've printed them out but I need to take them to a printer and have laser copies made.  You can't transfer ink jet pictures you have to use laser printed ones.

Third step is to go into my texture photo file and find the backgrounds I want to use. I want to reproduce them in paint for the first layer.

I feel energized with a plan and the goal ahead.
I'm excited about this.

And, from my Journey photos I leave you with this one.  Stop in and see how the journey is going. Have a cuppa with me. I love visiting with you.


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  1. I"m very, very excited about this latest art venture. I've been incubating for quite a long time and now that I can paint outside, I expect I will be doing that. But incorporating text and texture into my painting and some other forays into abstraction are on my mind. Thank you for always doing work that gets me thinking about my own and pushing me to return to it.

    Here's to your cuppa tea! D