Saturday, May 04, 2013

Life up your eyes..........

I have a thing for steeples. There I've said it. Maybe it's the sharp contrast of the angles and shapes against a sky, I don't know. I guess they have always seemed a little Zetti to me. Exaggerated roofs, tiny unpractical spaces but hopeful that the prayers said beneath it will be channeled straight up to God.

I like domes, too. I love the onion shape. Again, these look like something a playful child put together with an old empty spool of thread and clay.
Sometimes, I just can't help myself. The sky, the light and that magical spire.
This one reminds me of the a sword.
I just like their shapes. 
If you are wondering why this particular post. I'm in the pulling together process for a new series. Yesterday, I had a lightbulb moment when I heard the term Wabi-sabi. It's a term pulled from two Japanese words that refers to that which is imperfect, impermanent, aged, humble and authentic.  I thought that described my art work to a  "T".
Both nature and human made objects may have wabi-sabi proprieties or qualities. Wabi-sabi honors the passing of time, the elements, the handmade and the simple.
So, there is the THEME of my series. The content?
Old walls, old barns, old buildings on top of grunged painted background. Using my photographs and transfer methods, I will add the wabi-sabi elements ending with nature as the last layer.

And, because I know from the deer in the headlight look on your face, what about the steeples?

Well, I've noticed that quite a few abstract artists like to scratch into their paintings a signature "doodle". Some use a crosshatch, some a ladder, all barely visible but in the layers. I was paying around with the idea of a steeple. Or, at least the Zetti pointed hat.

The nice things about pulling ll the ideas and gathering the potential photographs I want to use is that it's like doing a puzzle. I have all these pieces on the art table. There is color, shape, design and one is going to call out to me to be the star. 

And, then there is the moment when I have started on a piece and it turns me on my head and takes me in an entirely different direction despite all my gathering work.

This whole journey is new to me.  It's not how I approached my art before. It's a challenge because it requires me to organize my thoughts, think about the end result, use the techniques I have learned and then let go in the middle and trust that I have brought all the pieces of the puzzle to the table.

So, come along on the JOURNEY with me. Let's see what is over that hill. We will just stand on the top and take it all in, yeah?


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  1. I embrace wabi sabi. One of the places we vacation to is called Upstairs at the Mansion in Terlingua, Tx. It is an old mansion full of wabi sabi, instead of being restored, it shows it's age. It is a wonderful place to stay. It actually looks like ruins but isn't....that's just the look they went for. It's wonderful.
    I love steeples etc. too. Look forward to your new series.