Thursday, May 02, 2013



I don't really need to say more on this subject except that isn't really a picture of the snow that arrived in Minnesota it's just to make a point. The weather she be changing.

I cut grass yesterday and managed to cut the power cord that was hidden in the grass and hooks up to the lights on "palmwillow". A Christmas light decoration that my husband is very reluctant to unplug or take down. Once the willow tree is in full leaf though you can't really see the lights so the matter is closed.

Of course, cutting the cord made have made that decision for him too. I called him at work yesterday, started the conversation off like this.
"Hi, how's your day going? I took some pictures of the frogs in the pond for my blog, they have been singing all day, got lots done in the barn, Murphy has been following me around all day, he's not getting enough time for his naps, by the way, how long is that electrical cord that hooks up the palmwillow tree?"

If you read that imagine no real breaks where the comas are just one long runon sentence. It didn't fool him.  He just replied with, "You ran over the cord, didn't you?"

Does that man know me or what?

I expect to see Mary Poppins flying by soon.  The winds have changed direction here today. Strong, very strong winds from the north and of course a drop in temperature of at least 35 degrees. Mrs. Robin will be on her nest all day keeping those eggs warm.

Off to have my coffee, thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a productive day and by that I mean I hope that you find time to do something CREATIVE. 


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