Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Hum me a little tune, froggie.

Would you look at the size of that frog? I was putting the algae treatment in the pond when I saw a couple things just floating on the surface of the water. I got a net thinking I could skim off whatever it was. 
Well, this guy is about four inches long and he apparently was sunning himself and did NOT like the fact that I was trying to scoop him up.
The water is that strange color because they were all hanging around the waterfalls and that's where I pour in the mixture. It's chemicals I use are NOT harmful to wildlife or frogs. Not to worry.
That's the lower fall.

Here is another one sunning himself on a rock.
I think I counted at least four of them just floating around like leaf debris.
They are now "singing".  They trill in what seems to be B-flat.

I have to tell you I love the sound of frogs. I mean next to the birds arriving and singing for mates frog singing is the bestest!

So far, these are the only guys singing. I expect if the weather continues to stay warm we'll be hearing from the lower register singers.

I've been zooming.  Took Murphy with me this morning to make copies at the printers for the workshop this Friday.  We are making a "mask" for the next step in our experimentation of screen printing.

I've been cleaning up and rearranging the downstairs of the barn.  The upstairs is the official STUDIO but in summer we move downstairs and take over that space so that everybody can work at their own table.

Thank you John for building the barn and all the support you give the ART LADIES. If we need something done all we have to do is ask and he fixes something for us.  Need the umbrella outside clothes dryer moved?  He's the man. Need handles on the main door that you can open with your hip when your hands are full he replaces the knob one for us with a slant one. He's a gem and we're keeping him.

I think the weather people wanted to play golf at their favorite courses so they told us all it was going to RAIN ALL WEEK. Now, they are off playing golf and everybody else is scrambling to rearrange their schedules to get out there.

A neighbor down the road was building a portable chicken coop.  I stopped by to say hello and ask how it was going.  They ordered six chickens and got 10 so now he has to enlarge the coop.  I told him I want to be first on the list when they have enough eggs to start selling them. Guess I have to wait until the end of summer though.  These guys are still pretty little.

Day one of diet 417. I'm guessing but that's probably pretty close.  Ok, not a diet, HEALTHY EATING. If I get any healthier I'll be eating hay with the cows down the street.
I fell off the wagon about a month ago and added, ok, two months ago and added Diet Coke back into my life.  Apparently, we don't agree with each other.
I've tossed it to the curb again. sigh

Protein, healthy carbs, fruit, veggies, SIGH......

Despite the fact that the doctor tells me that I am as healthy as a teenager I need to get more done in my day and I figure that right now, at this weight I'm just zooming.  I need to move at warp speed, Scotty.

I won't bore you with updates until they make me smile.

Ok, off to rake some more leaves out of another garden bed.  I already cut the grass, all the rain.
I LOVE the color of grass in Spring. It's just a beautiful shade.  NOT a big fan of olive but I do like Spring Green.

Buds on all the flowering trees just popped out from yesterday.  Our high temperature was 86. Of course, they tell us that a cold front is moving in and to expect rain and 50 degree temperatures.
I swear they just want the best Tee times for themselves.

Be creative, remember today is really the only day you have.


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  1. Clap, clap, clap--so glad spring has finally come your way. We've been in the 80s here and bright blue skies. Great energy from that. Enjoy the day and know that I am masking with you in spirit. D