Thursday, May 23, 2013

Did you hear? Can you believe it? This is trouble, I tell you trouble!

The word is out.  It's spreading like wildfire. It's all the other chickens can cluck about..............

Pauline has been eating the eggs!!!!!!

Pauline one of Angie's new to the flock, last year, chickens has developed a very, VERY bad habit.

She started on Gracie's eggs because they are huge and have a very thin shell. Then she became addicted to the taste of egg and started hanging back when everybody got up in the morning and walked down the ladder to the grass area. 

Pauline would quickly make the rounds of every bodies nest and eat their eggs. There were whispers but she ignored them. When she ran out of eggs she turned around and saw her nest.

That's when the other chickens gathered together in a corner of the pen and clucked about THE HORROR OF IT........SHE'S EATING HER OWN EGGS!!!

Angie discussed this with her vet. She had been adding the calcium and sand to the feed. The vet shook his head and said, if you can't get her to stop she is going to have to be "culled from the flock".

The hens are whispering.  This is not good. What's the matter with her?  Does she have a death wish?

Angie had a stern talking with Pauline. The other hens gathered at the pen entrance, listening.

"Pauline, this has to stop.  You can not eat any more eggs. You have to try to let me know what's the matter.  Do you need more outside time?  More playtime? Are you angry with one of the other hens or all of them? What can I do to help you"?

Pauline cocked her head this way and that then she turned away, muttering to herself.

The other three hens shoot their collective heads and clucked. This is trouble, I tell you trouble.

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