Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Deconstruction 101

Between trying to work in the gardens, do the regular householder chores and get ready for the Friday Workshop, I'm losing weight! So it's all good as they say.

If I didn't mention it before the Studio Artists are going to be working with screen printing for the first time and a special technique of screen printing, Deconstructed Screen Printing.

You put your stencil or texture on the print side of your screen, then push your dye color through the screen, coating the entire screen, then let it dry thoroughly. When you are ready to print you then push the dry dye through with a wet medium and print repeated images. As the screen releases different amount of dye you get different levels of print for the same image. 

Note:  Please do not follow the above directions without doing your own research. I have left out much of the process. It's not a secret but it's way to much to write about.

Confused? Well, join the club. This has been an entirely new experience for me and I'm just in the prep stages of it. First of all I recommend that you read or watch anything you can find by Kerr Grabowski. She's the mama of this idea. 

I purchased her 2 disks DVD and she's thorough. I think I've watched them three times, taking notes and hoping that I have caught everything.

I've got the Mx dyes, we've made one print screen pad for each of us, Linda and I are going to Home Depot today to pick up another sheet of 1" wall insulation board to make another 8 print boards.
That will give everyone two to play with, once we get started. I'll keep one set in the Studio and they can each take home one for their studios.

I've got the chemicals I need to mix. No lab partner but I think I've got this under control. I admit that in High School chemistry I did use my looks and charm on my lab partner. 

And, I admit that I picked the smartest boy in the class to be my partner.
And, I admit that I let him take the fall when I set our lab counter on fire. 
I told you before I'm not proud of my behavior in high school. sigh

When I retook Chemistry in night school at the local Technical school, as an adult, I aced it. I found I loved it. If I had a dozen Periodic Chart, v-neck t-shirts I would wear them every day. Size XL please.
I loved the math, not wild about the actual lab stuff but I got my A and I worked for it.

I had a plan, after the boys were born to finish the last work on my degree by getting what I needed done at night school. That meant a lot of the Science subject. I seemed to have ignored them before.

Chemistry went well, Anatomy didn't. I don't know why I didn't think about what we would be dissecting in advance.  Maybe I just thought it would be a frog like in high school. My first class of actual dissection, of a dead cat, sent me home and not to come back again.

Honestly, why on earth does a History major have to take that kind of class? 

And, when you think about it, what kind of job did I actually think I was going to get with a History major?  Now days it's just to expensive for kids to go to college, rack up giant loans for degrees in fields that most likely won't have any job positions.
Yes, I know that have the paper work tells people that you could "do the work". Now days it tells people that you are desperate for work just to pay off those loans.

I digress. Anyway, yesterday, I put the first coat of varnish on my silk screens. I have a variety of different sizes for the ladies to use, if they don't have one of their own. I had the barn door up while I worked at a big table.  Murphy sat at the entrance keeping a watch for bunnies or squirrels. Every once in a while a Wren would fly in, chatter at me and leave. 

I could hear the waterfalls of the pond, I could hear the bird song of at least five different kinds of birds.
It was glorious. 

Oh, and the picture above?  Well, I was looking at my photos the other night and I was thinking about what kind of image I want to screen print. Do I want it to be just some random, torn paper or shape background image or do I want something that has more structure. I was struck by the arches. I realized that perhaps doing a series of print with arches will be one great layer on a piece. I can transfer photo print on top of it, I can stamp on top of it and maybe even paint. 

Sometimes working on a piece is like just doing the physical work of pulling it together because I have already seen it finished, in my mind.  Other times I know it's out there but I have to bring the puzzle pieces of the piece in closer, to see them, to see where the idea is going. I have the theme, I have the players, now I'm pulling in the different layers that will hopefully produce the final product.

When somebody asks me how long a piece takes I can never answer them. Sometimes quicker than I thought it would and sometimes it just has to perk and perk along.

Now, go perk along yourself and do something creative. Remember you only have THIS MOMENT, you hope you get more, don't waste it.


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  1. Screen printing should be fun. I've never done it but have a friend who used to do it. The results are amazing. Have fun! Can't wait to see what you end up with.