Sunday, May 19, 2013

Deconstructed Screen Printing results

I've finished the cold washes, the warm washes and the hot. It's dried on the line and next step will be to throw it in the wash with some Synthrapol. That will set the color. If I do more layers on these and have to wash them again in soda ash for another round of dyeing I want to make sure the dye doesn't run. Synthrapol will help prevent that.

With the Deconstructive process you are never quite sure which color was absorbed in the mesh first and which color is going to be released first when you pull a print. It's the surprise factor I enjoy.

I used some cotton lace from a doily, some silk leaves, bubble wrap (remember to pop the bubbles first) and something else, I forget, oh yeah, a piece of textures scrap book paper. All of it got imprinted on the screen and printed out beautifully. You just can't really see it.

Next workshop we are going to be painting directly onto the screen. We are using Secondary Triad colors for that experiment. 

There is so much prep work for this whole process. The actual pulling of a print goes so quickly and then that's it. You have to clean the screen, which takes time, remove all the pins from your fabric on the print board and start the whole process all over again.
I love doing this but it takes a BIG BLOCK of time.
And, frankly, once you are set up it's a lot of work to take down everything, put it away, get it out again, etc. I can see why some artists devote all their time and energy and studio space, to just this process.

I have to say I am learning about the MX dye process. I finally understand what Sodium Alginate, Urea Water do and what kind of heat setting MX dyes need. 

I met a jewelry artist last night at a party. She was struggling to sell at Farmer Markets.  She didn't have the money to get a spot at small town Art Fairs. She didn't even have the money to buy a tent like structure. She sits out in the sun with her little table and boxes of jewelry. She had her pieces, in her car, since she had come straight from a market.
They were beautiful, designs made with stones and wrapped wire and all on black velvet necklaces.
Not my style and it was awkward to ask her what she charged for her pieces. I wasn't going to buy anything and I didn't want to get her hopes up. But, no price tags attached to anything. 
I never like to look at anything that doesn't tell me what the price is. 
She said she always has people stop and look but seldom buy anything. She thought it was the economy. Could be, it's tough our there right now.
People don't have a lot of disposable income to spend on non essentials. Unless I'm going to, say to a party, I seldom wear jewelry. It doesn't work for me when I'm pulling on and off gloves, leaning into a painting. I get enough art supplies on me that I don't intend to get on me. At least I've started wearing an apron!

Did yard work all day yesterday until nap time for Riley. Then I crashed with her. I can only do so much bending over, digging, mulching before I get light headed, dizzy and tired. But, everything is looking so nice and at this stage, much easier to maintain. Riley really helped with mulching. I showed her how to scoop it into a plastic bucket, from the back of the tractor cart and she did a great job. Very neat, no excess mulch on the driveway or grass. She would fill the bucket, I would carry it and empty it and she would grab it and run back to fill it again. 

Today, I have to take it easy, give the muscles a chance to heal. Looks like rain coming. I think I'll try to get my tomato plants in the garden box before it does.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Wish I could see your pieces closer, but I can see enough to tell they are very interesting. Look forward to seeing them in person.

    Hope you get a day of rest. I know it's beautiful out there. I washed the white deck railing. It took 2 hours. We have leaped from spring to summer in one weekend. Or I should say the tropics--yesterday was hot and incredibly humid. So enjoy your late spring!