Thursday, May 09, 2013

A little of this and a little of that, presto!

My friend, Carol often posts the greatest things on Facebook. This one made me laugh out loud. 

I woke up to a gorgeous sunrise. I worked all day yesterday in the yard and some of you younger folk would laugh at the amount I got done. Very little compared to what I could have gotten done back in my 30s & 40s. I just kept steady at it, loading up the tractor cart with mulch, driving it around in front and then filling up a large colorful plastic bucket with the mulch. I got the two stone garden beds in the front weeded and mulched. They are done. 

I got weeded and got mulch around one Crab apple tree and the Maple. I weeded 1/4 of the front walk way garden bed. Now the weeding isn't a big deal. The mulch we put on last year has prevented a big invasion but there are some massive Dandelions and what looks like the innocent beginnings of Thistle.

By the time I had grabbed my coffee this morning and walked to the front of the house I was greeted with black skies. Thunderstorms are headed this way, all day. So, it's officially my day of yard work rest.

I didn't get my fabric soda soaked yesterday. I did get the lawn cut. 

I was tired at the end of the day. A good tired but still, it's annoying not to finish my list. 

So, I'm off to finish cleaning up the barn or at least re stack things. I got the DVDs for Deconstructed Screen Printing yesterday, in the mail. They are by Kerr Grabowski, the originator of the term Deconstructed Screen Printing.

First of all, I enjoy listening to her. She has a nice speaking voice, she's serious about what she is telling you but every once in a while she slips in something funny. The DVD is actually two disks and runs 3 1/2 hours. It is packed with everything a beginning would need to know about thinking of starting screen printing.

For those of you that like interesting background on your fabric or paper, it's worth it. I spend hours looking at Youtube videos, looking up tutorials and I always found a scattering of information. Never quite the full story. This whole search started because we, the 3150 thought we would explore this technique. We had a magazine article and it looked rather simple to do. Well, it's not.

There is chemistry involved here, there is preparation of your screen so it doesn't turn into a soggy wood mess in five years, there are preparations you have to let sit overnight. It's terribly daunting but a really good book or DVD about the process is extremely helpful.

There is another good, really good book that arrived in my mailbox, Visual Texture on Fabric by Lisa Kerpoe. 

For any technique I'm old fashion, I like a recipe type method for gathering my supplies, getting the process started. I don't want to find out that the information I have is missing something or the person assumed I knew how to do something.

I can be creative once I have the process down. Leave something out and I get really frustrated when I have to figure out what's missing or go out to buy something that was essential.

Lisa, has written a concise book about using water based resists for art cloth.

I don't know either of these artists personally. I'm not in their pay. I do KNOW when I find something that works for me and these DVDs and book do. So, I'm passing that information on to my fellow artist friends.


  1. Glad to hear the weather is staying warmer now. Nothing like getting your hands in the dirt, is there.
    I love Lisa Kerpoe's work. I met her in Round Top at a show a few years ago. I have not seen her book though.
    Have fun learning new techniques.

  2. Another artist, Beth Berman, who is in Searsport Maine, also had done a lot of deconstructed screen printing. She not only meets for playdates with other artists as you do, she also belongs to a an on-line group of artists who have formed together to blog about all their experiments:

  3. Now--I want to do this. Can't wait to see the results.