Friday, April 26, 2013


Not my work but I love the image. I think I would even consider making a stamp of this to use in my artwork. 
And, why the image, you might be asking? Because I assume my readers are curious and inquisitive little bunnies.

I've started putting gesso on the birdhouses that I plan to paint, that I plan to attach to posts that will line a WALKING MEDITATION PATH around the property. I've had this idea in mind for a long time. Actually saw it finished in a dream I had many years ago. It just took time to bring it to this point.  Last year I had the path cut in the woods, I had the upper woods path cleared so I could get the mower in there. I've been collecting the birdhouses over the years and now it's time to PUT it all into place.
I had  helper last weekend on gesso duty. She was fine until she got some on her arm and no amount of discussion about how it wouldn't kill her, painting had to stop while we w
washed her arm.
Many of you are familiar with this type of Walking mediation. I could put one of these on the property but after giving it some thought I realized that part of the healing quality of this space is nature and I wanted people, myself included to be able to walk through the prairie and the woods while in meditation.
So, my plan is to have "stations" where a birdhouse and bench will be located. The birdhouse will provide some meditation thoughts for the walker. They can ponder on the thought as they walk to the next station or they can sit and meditate on it, on the bench.

I know this is important to get completed. I know when a dream keeps reappearing that there is something I am supposed to learn or do from it, when all the physical pieces fall into place and it takes my physical presence to pull it together. It's a healing walk, a creative walk a necessary walk for someone. 

My job is to get it in place and maintain it.  I can do that.



  1. Yes you can! That sounds wonderful Bea! My friend Lana and her husband have an 18 acre box canyon in the Tx. hill country near Kerrville and their walking path goes into the canyon. They have walking sticks for anyone who wishes to walk the path. It is so serene. You have probably seen many photos on my blog that I took on the path...the angel, the little creature guarding the cave etc. They have benches, sculptures and more lining the pathway. I created similar walking paths on our property when we lived in Bandera. We had 10 acres that were wooded heavily, so it was perfect for that.
    It will be wonderful Bea, and I love the idea of the birdhouses.... and I wish you lots of peace in your walks.

  2. Oh, and I do love the image.

  3. What a great plan! I love that idea.

  4. Going to work on my birdhouse this week. didn't get to tell you about the stone path I made from rocks retrieved from the hillside excavated for the water line. Not as pretty as Wisconsin Lannon stone but on close inspection, they are made of tiny shell fossils. I picked up four yellow stones on the Mineral Point roadside on my way through last weekend. I'll add them in to connect me to home.

    Can't wait to help with the path when I'm out to visit.