Tuesday, April 09, 2013

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio.....

It's gray and rainy and this is good. Green comes out of this and green is so much better, right now than brown, gray or heaven forbid WHITE.
I did a little cleaning of my blog house. If you haven't posted in your blog for over four months I removed you from my list. 
I have been told by a couple of people that blogs are "sooooooo old fashion".  Isn't that funny that something that is really relatively new is so quickly deemed old. Facebook, Twitter or Snapshot seem to capture their attention.
Life reduced to one or two sentences, like a text.

When I suggested to my grandchildren that I would love to email with them, there was some eye rolling.
It was pointed out that THEY WOULD love it if I just texted them and then they could text me everything they were doing........

We are at an impasse.

My feeling is I'm almost 65.  I get to call the shots about how my young ones communicate with me.
I have a feeling, though, that the problem lies more in the fact that people don't really know how to type anymore. That the younger people are really only comfortable with texting, abbreviated words, short non sentences and are losing the art of communicating their thoughts.

Oh, btw I changed my template again. I really like the pictures, used a different one this time and it shows all the pictures used in a blog post, not just the first one which is kinda neat. 
I know some people find it hard to leave a comment and I understand. Remember if you really have something you need to get to me you can always email me, Doginthehole@aol.com

Today, I go down to True Coffee Cafe and put up my new pieces of artwork. Linda P. is going to be putting up a couple of her pieces too.

I also dropped off the art bowls at the Senior Center. The ones that people had bid on and won for the Silent Auction. It worked out that unknown to me, Second Harvest was also having their BIG 2013 FUND DRIVE which ends at the end of April.
All contributions will be matched by the Feinstein Foundation. Isn't that neat. We raised about $375.00 on bids. 

I also wrapped up my art piece that sold in yard of bubble wrap. The new owner should be able to get it home safely without breaking the glass frame.
This is the piece that Mary Y. sold. The lighting did not show how gorgeous this piece really is. It's bright and colorful and named, Turkish Market. At the workshop last summer, where she created this, the instructor came by her station and said that it was so colorful she should name it Turkish Market.
A name, Mary said never even occurred to her. So she did.  She hung it at the show with NFS on the card. A patron of the Plato Adult Classes was looking at the art work, spotted this piece, loved it then looked at the name and had to have it. Apparently, her son, in the military, had just gotten married in Turkey and they had just come back from there. The joyful colors, the piece itself and the name were to much for this lady and she had to have to piece.
Mary set, what she thought was a high price, not really wanting to sell the piece and darned if it didn't sell.

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio..."

Have a great day. Do something creative, it's good for your soul.


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  1. So a new show! Exciting. Need to get a check out for the piece I won. Take pictures of what you hang at the cafe show. I know there are others besides me who want to see them. So happy to hear about all the wonderful instances of synchronicity at your art show.

    Incidentally, thanks for the bittersweet remembrance of Annette yesterday. I don't remember as vividly, but she was definitely a role model as a little kid--especially since she acted and sang, two of my favorite things.

    82 degrees here yesterday in Cinci and somehow it seemed as if summer had never left. But spring is finally really here--the pale green tinge of emerging leaves was finally pervasive. God, how I love spring.