Thursday, April 18, 2013


It's the sixth hour of prayer, Sext. 

I have stopped what I am doing to sit quietly, clear my mind, focus on sending healing thoughts and prayers to all those in pain and suffering.

Our attention to brought to the horrific that is captured on the TV screens. 

Every day, thousands deal with the death and dying of their loved ones. 

My prayers and meditations go out into the universe. They are not intended for one individual.

Perhaps the love and hope that I send out will fall like a raindrop into someones heart. Just maybe they will find the strength to take another step, to try to smile, to hold a hand, to even love again.

Take a moment, find the silence, center yourself and just listen.  Not to the rumblings of your over active mind but from deep within the silence. There is something there but you have to make room for it in your daily life. You have to take a moment to connect up with your higher self. The SELF that is not of the emotional baggage of this world.


When you "hear" that space, feel that connection to your higher being then connect as if you were a beam of sunlight. 

Realize that we are all greater than we could imagine. 

But, you have to start by being quiet.


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  1. Beautiful words Bea. I never watch much TV but seems like when I do there is always something horrific happening. We are about 5 hours from the Waco/West area. My heart goes out to all. I will remember your words of wisdom.