Thursday, April 04, 2013

It's Thursday you say, really? Damn, missed Wednesday I did!

I had great energy this morning, I zipped, I zoomed, I announced to the cashier in the market that I was a SENIOR and could get the SENIOR DISCOUNT, she smiled at me, sweetly and said, "That was yesterday, today is Thursday."
I may have my list and get my errands done but by golly I don't have a clue what day it is.

I set up the lower level of the barn/studio for the beginning of our SUMMER WORKSHOPS for the art ladies. 

Of course, today it was 58 degrees and the barn was warm, tomorrow, apparently after the cold front moves through tonight it will be a high of 45.
Good thing I suggested they dress in layers.

I found two Easter eggs behind the couch cushions this afternoon. One had two quarters in it and the other six jelly beans.  From past experience with the jelly beans which claim to be made of REAL FRUIT juice, I suspect was rancid when they put it in the jelly beans, I pocketed the fifty cents and tossed the JBs.  My mama didn't raise no dummy.

I also found two places where one of the cats had to rid itself of hairballs. The entire room is wood flooring, just one tiny little area rug under the coffee table and yet, a perfect place to puke.

I am demonstrating how to use some of the Golden Gels tomorrow to create texture on paper. I probably should apply for a job as a Golden spokesperson. I love their products. Of course, if it means traveling around.........oooooooh.......I don't know, the last plane ride didn't work out so well for me.

Of course, we fly to Boston, next week to see the Second Son, wife, 5th & 6th grandchildren. That would be James and family.
Aren't they an adorable family. James' beard is new and Caitlin's hair is shorter, both look good but of course, my eyes are on the two little cuties on their laps, Curran and Rory.  I hear that Rory who turns 1 this Saturday might be walking by the time we get out there.

Ok, time to do some quick little chores and then watch Elementary with Zeus.  He's so excited he is playing GOLF tomorrow with some good friends at one of his favorite courses. Life is good.

Dream creative dreams, put them in action tomorrow!


"All we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."
Edgar Allen Poe

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  1. The kids sure look like James to me. Please tell them I say hi. Love elementary--but can't wait for PBS' Sherlock to return. Post the gels demo---I'm trying to imagine what it looks like.

    I know the feeling of missing a day. LOL