Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's Spring in my mind.

Since Mother Nature is playing games with those of us in the Midwest I decided to just find a nice spring memory and post that picture.  This is from a wonderful spring trip to visit my best friend, Donna.
These beautiful little yellow flowers just covered the ground in this park. 
Her birthday arrives in March and two years ago so did Spring. Lots of blooming trees, bushes and bulbs for our walk.

We are off to Boston. We'll be celebrating little Rory's first birthday on Saturday.  Actually, it was last Saturday but they are waiting until we get out to have her party.  I understand she is upright, holding on to things and just about to take that first step.

Louis is watching the packing, ears back, obviously unhappy about having a house sitter again. Murphy, on the other hand is gleefully looking forward to his Bunkhouse time at Doggie Day Care.

Ok, off to run some errands, coffee with good buddy Linda and catch up on her trip to Williamsburg. Then home to pack, tidy up for the house sitter then dinner with Mary, Dylan and Riley. We drive down to Milwaukee for the night and fly out tomorrow morning. 

Please remember to do something creative today. I is not only good for your health but your soul. Trust me on this. 



  1. Have a great trip. Hope you saw the Moldovian spring picture I posted for you and hope Boston shows you a glimpse of spring while you're out there.

    Happy travels!

  2. I was looking at the weather and saw just how crazy it is in your area. Hope it warms up soon. Before too long we will be too Hot!!! It is what it is. LOL