Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's APRIL Mother Nature, get it, APRIL!!!!!!!!!

Life isn't fair, I get it.,BUT IT'S APRIL she whined. Could we please get a break here?
Ice coated trees, bushes, rocks, patio furniture........
And, it's damn cold. Feels like March here. 

Ok, that's out of my system. I know, I know, I live here because I "love" the change of seasons. And, I do but when the season changes I would sure like it to STAY CHANGED until the next season.

I let Murphy out this morning and watched him skid around the grass. He was more than happy to get back inside on sure footing.

Last Friday I found a number of tracks leading down the drive to the studio. Big, deep set paw prints. I looked up bear tracks because we did have a bear across the street about ten years or so ago. Nope, not bear tracks but from the size of them they sure fit the wolf tracks. 
They were bigger and deeper than a large dog and the nails imprints were at least an inch long. 
The DNR people tell us that we don't have a wolf down this far.

The folks over on the south side of Verona have reported, to the police, seeing a wolf.

The DNR people tell them that they couldn't be seeing a wolf.

Of course, you have to remember that the DNR people are the same people that said there was no chance of anybody really seeing a Bobcat around here.  Until, a farmer got a picture of one that had been sleeping in his old shed. He snapped the picture as it was jumping out of the second floor of the old shed. 
Yup, Bobcat, surprise!

Although, I have seen a huge coyote sauntering down my driveway, in the middle of the afternoon, these paw prints were bigger than that. I'm going with wolf.

So, now when I let Murphy outside at night and stand on the porch, freezing my buns off, I can add to my chant, "Hurry, hurry and go potty before the OWL, HAWK, COYOTE, BOBCAT or WOLF have you for midnight snack!!"

Not that it really changes how fast he does his business but I figure it might scare away anybody just lurking around for a tasty treat.

Enjoy your day, stay warm and be creative.


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  1. It may not be what you want, but it sure is pretty! That said, I don't want any of it traveling to Cinci. Sorry 75 here--although rainy.

    As far as Wolfie is concerned, maybe it's time you added "wildlife sanctuary" to the credentials of Dog-in-the-Hole:)

    Stay warm, dry, and safe. This too will pass....