Wednesday, April 03, 2013


Not a speck of color around here. The grass is still a pale green with shades, lots of shades of brown. The Evergreens all look like they could do with  color brightener editing tool. 
I see flashes of color when a Cardinal or Cedar Wax Wing flies by the window.
Zeus said he saw a Bluebird on the Bluebird house out front.

This is why I usually buy too many flats of colorful annuals. I can't look at my landscape anymore without spots of bright colors. It's also why I get in over my head trying to plant all those flowers.

My cold is gone, for those of you that were asking and thank you for your concern. I'm healthy for the time being. 

I can't say I'm sleeping that well. I wonder if my body has to come off of taking NyQuil at night?
I make good use of my awake time. No sense lying in bed just thinking about things. Last night I started setting up a free Website for my art.

The designers make it look so easy. I suppose it is when you have done a lot of them. I'll get it, it will just take me a little time. 

The art group is having a group website designed by one of the daughters of a group member.  Andrea has said that she wants to do this as a business and having ours will be something that she can show people.

I've been browsing at other artists personal websites looking to see what works, how easy it is to get around, what subject matter you like to see, etc.
When we get it set up I'll post a link.

When I finally get my personal one finished I'll post that link too.  Please do not hold your breath on mine.

Today, I go out to the barn and start shifting things around to make room for the ladies. Like snow melting and showing you what you forgot to put away on the lawn, the first floor of the barn is rather a jumble. I'll haul out the tables and windows screens, push the big snowblower back where it belongs (always an optimist), I'll sort out the things that didn't make it upstairs, into the studio from last summer.

Yesterday I ran householder errands, stopped in to have my CPaP machine checked out, grocery shopping, library, postoffice, mani/pedi, hey a gofer needs some pampering. 
I came home in time to find Zeus and Riley arriving for lunch, which I made. Then I took Riley to daycare came home folded three loads of laundry, took a 45 minute nap which was only supposed to be 20 minutes, went and had coffee with Zeus, at his office and picked up Murphy at Doggie Day Care.

I sometimes wonder how people do it, the ones that say they treat their studio time like going to the office. They show up at 9:00 and work until lunch time then back in the studio until 4:00. 

Who does all the other stuff that has to get done. Ok, other than the mani/pedi which I consider therapy time, everything else has to get done. Trust me if I don't have cat food for a certain old cat she is going to walk around meowing at the top of her lungs until she gets fed. Not to mention Zeus likes to be fed,too. 

Today is a clean up day. It doesn't happen every week so I guess I can't really complain. Maybe if I get done quickly I can pop upstairs and get some demos done for the workshop on Friday.

Well, whatever it is you are doing today I hope you find a creative moment.



  1. Finding creative moments lately has been difficult. I WILL make time.
    You are one busy lady.
    I wonder how I did all what I do now and work a full time job and have three kids at home. LOL

  2. Anonymous12:26 PM

    You do the other stuff after the studio time, or before. If you went to work, you wouldn't spend the afternoon doing householder errands, even if you have a nice boss like me. :)

  3. Glad to hear you are well again. Try not to overdo. Daffodils bloomed here on Sunday but the deciduous have not started opening, so it's there is still March brown. Remember, this time of year, it only takes one warm day to make things turn into the Emerald City.

  4. I am so happy you are feeling better ...finally. Melatonin has helped me lately get a good night's sleep. You continue to amaze me...I am making some decisions to return to my home studio at the end of June. I have some projects that will offer me to travel a bit more...and i have space to dye my new fabrics in a nearby wet studio. I will keep you posted. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart