Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Home again, home again, jiggity, jig.

I rather like this mural painted on the side of a building in Dorchester. We had lunch here, excellent food in what would have been  bright cheerful place, with lots of windows. Unfortunately, the weather for most of the time, especially that day was rainy, damp and cold. But, like I said, lunch was great.

We had a wonderful time visiting the grandchildren and of course, James and Caitlin. At almost three Curran is full of questions, likes to talk and loved doing things with Grandpa. Rory, who just turned one was just a delight. 

Security was normal at Logan airport yesterday. Our  flight was filled with marathon runner returning home. On the second flight from Baltimore to Milwaukee we had a family, bringing home their family member, a soldier that had died. I'm sure all the airlines conduct themselves in a similar manner, I don't know, but I do know that Southwest did their utmost to offer their condolences, take care of the family and make sure that they got off of the plane safely. The pilot carried their carry on off the plane for them. 

On race day we were all at the house watching the race. We were are stunned as the rest of the world when the bombs went off. James and Caitlin were checking in with friends that were running the race to make sure they were ok. One of my art buddies told me that her daughter was at the finish line handing out water to the runners but she was ok.

I can only send my healing thoughts and prayers to the families affected. I can do no more.

There were signs of Spring in Boston. Some bushes had burst into color, bulbs had started to bloom. Here we are still in the grip of March like weather and scenery. I have to admit the grass is greener but I see no buds on anything and the weather people are gleefully talking about snow showers tomorrow.
There is one very unhappy golfer in this house.

Off to the studio to turn up the heat and start putting some gesso on some canvas.  Had lots of ideas while I was gone, let's see how many I can actually bring to fruition.

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