Monday, April 22, 2013

Hi, my name is Bea and I'm a Lookieloo.

I live in a small town. True we are right outside of a big city, Madison but still, other than morning and evening traffic we are relatively quiet. 
I'm on my way to the market and to run some errands when I notice a police car pass me then turn around and come up behind me. 

I don't panic. I might start to feel the "heat" no pun intended, but I'm going the speed limit so he can't possibly be following me.

He hasn't turned on his lights yet so I figure he just had a change of mind. Believe me when I say I stayed UNDER the 20 miles an hour past the school.
At the stop light he suddenly decides to put on his lights. Great!  WHERE DO YOU THINK I CAN GO NOW? 

It can't be me. Can't be.  I'M INNOCENT I TELL YOU.
The light changes and I slide over to the side of the road and he goes a half a block then pulls into the market.

Great.  He's going to wait for me there?  I know, I know, it's not about me. I'm not Catholic, where is all this guilt coming from?

I pull into the market and of course, the only parking space is next to another police car.  That makes two of them. 

Big sigh of relief.  I might be worthy of one police car but not two.

Inside, nobody seems to know anything but by the time I had done my quick run through the store and was checking out I was told by my friend Jessie, the bagger that the Canine Unit had arrived.

Murphy, is of course, going nuts in the car. Barking at the large German Shepard, barking at Jessie for putting things in his car and just pissed all around.
The police person sitting in the squad car next to me is grinning at me.  I guess Murphy does that to some people. He's rather like a bouncy Star Wars character.

Sitting in the back of the squad car are two young men. Not good.

Now, I could back out and go on my way but when  photographer keeps her camera, in her car, battery charged and ready to go, she snaps pictures.

Sheriffs Department, local police force, Canine Unit well that all deserves  picture, don't you think.

They were taking this car apart. 

A good guess, drugs......... I snapped my pictures as I pulled out of the parking lot. Kept my head down and drove home very carefully. 

But, I do confess to being a Lookieloo. You know, one of those nosey people that has to slow down going past an accident just to see what happened.

I'm not THAT kind of lookieloo but parking lots? Well.............maybe that kind.


  1. That sort of thing happens here all the time, being so close to Mexico. On the highway in about a 20 mile stretch you will see up to 5 cars stopped sometimes. They catch drugs, illegal aliens piled in vehicles and more. Crazy! So far our little town is crime free, but it's all around us.

  2. Great pics! Looks like drugs to me, too. Maybe Murph smelled them, too.