Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Oh that Mother Nature, she's such a kidder she is. She's going to give us an 80 degree day today, light showers and then SMACK us with 50 degree temperatures and lots of rain for the next four or five days.

What? Give us a chance to continue to clean up our yards from the snow melt?


Let us go out and enjoy the forsythia blooming and the daffodils? 


Good thing I have LOTS to amuse myself with these days. 

Time for the Police Update from a small Midwestern town on the outside of a big city. I know some of you find this interesting. The rest of you can just skip on to another blog.

Apparently a man wanted advice from the police about his Craigslist trade. He was going to receive  Bushmaster rifle for a vacuum cleaner. 

The police said that there were to many inaccuracies in the online description of the firearm and told the man that they couldn't verify that it wasn't stolen without the serial number.

I guess there are stupid people out there that would actually sell a stolen gun on Craigslist. I mean I've heard of people selling other stolen goods on Craigslist. I'm guessing that run of the mill thieves are not that bright anyway that they wouldn't think that somebody that had something taken like a gun wouldn't be checking Craigslist?

Ok, this next one has a woman's touch written all over it.
A passerby reported baseball cards strewn across the 500 block of such and such a street.  Police took the cards into custody after an unsuccessful search for the owner of the approximately 250 Wizards of the Coast cards.
Now, I'm just guessing here but if it was a mother she would have just tossed them in the trash can if she was sick of watching her son play endless hours of role playing games.
A girlfriend?  That's a different matter. I bet she thought it was cute at first. Maybe she thought she could change him. Maybe she got tired of being blown off for a movie because he was linking up with his peeps to play Wizards. Maybe she just grabbed the stack of cards the last time she was at his house and thought that would get his attention.
Maybe half way home she realized that he was a jerk and would never change and with each realization she tossed another handful of cards in the street? 

Some more OWI and DUI's. Sadly, they never seem to go away.

And, the last the police responded to a call about a stray dog in someone's back yard. They came, they picked up, they checked the dog tags, they took the dog down the street to his home, found the back door wide open and returned the dog to his rightful house and shut the door.

Now, since this was at lunchtime I'm guessing that somebody came home for lunch, somebody young, realized they had been home from lunch a little to long, grabbed their backpack and ran out of the house. Said dog, went, HEY WAIT A MINUTE I NEED TO GO OUT! YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO LET ME OUT WHEN YOU COME HOME. 
Dog - 1
Human - Zip
You leave the door open and a dog has to go well.........it's not the dog's bad.

The city council is trying to figure out what to do with the traffic situation in our downtown.  Verona was once a little crossroads with a cheese store on the corner. Ok, and a little later on a Hardy's. Now, it has the proverbial Walgreens on one corner, a beautiful, wealthy old farm house on another, of course, a gas station and bank on the others.
Cheese store and Hardy's long gone.
Normally, we wouldn't have a problem with traffic BUT one of the ways to get to EPIC is through town.
You have 6000 people coming to work from three different directions all of those directions are going to be overloaded.

This meeting proposed, wait for it.............a ROUNDABOUT. I know, I know, please spare me the emails, it saves on gas, it prevents T-bone accidents, blah, blah, blah. And, it speeds up long traffic lines. I am still watching dangerous driving in roundabouts that were installed in the past three years. It amazes me how many, men especially, find them a speed challenge. What? Pay attention to that Yield sign? I can fit in here before that car touches my front bumper.

Since the Traffic department doesn't have a lot of room to put in this roundabout there is a lot of discussion. 

NOT as much discussion as the Common Council meeting though.  Apparently, all the newbies just elected thought they would come in and solve all the problems that were at a stalemate. That didn't go over so well with the former commissioner who spoke for SIX MINUTES starting out calmly explaining what the council had been successful in doing to getting more and more louder and argumentative as he described the resistance that is put up whenever real changes downtown are suggested. There was fist pounding on the table four times and then scolding of the new alders. 
Apparently, there is a YouTube video of the meeting, nothing is overlooked anymore since everybody has a cell phone.

I'm going out to the barn this today and continue to pull out the summer things, rearrange the art supplies for the ladies and make room for the PING PONG table for the Derby Day party. 

I leave the traffic mess and the downtown business mess to those better qualified to deal with it. 

I hope you have a beautiful day. 


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