Monday, April 08, 2013

Good Bye Annette

She was one of my idols when I was little. One of the best known, original members of the Mickey Mouse Club. I was 7 when I started watching her.
She was 13 and so sweet, I wanted her for a big sister.
She died today at age 70 just six years older than me. Thankfully she died "peacefully" from complications due to MS, a disease she had battled for over 25 years.

The TV was small and sat in a console in the corner of the room. I sat on the floor, cross legged in front of it, always to close, according to my mother.

I sat spellbound Monday thru Friday knowing the Theme of the day but not knowing what the mouseketeers would be up to.
Monday, Fun With Music, Tuesday, Guest Star Day, Wednesday, my very favorite day, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN DAY, Thursday, Circus Day and Friday, The Talent Round-up Day.

I heard my parents values and morals reinforced by Mouseketeer Jimmy. 

I loved that show.  Of course, I loved the whole idea of TV. My world might have been in color but watching a show in black and white just seemed perfect.

I have or had a pair of Mickey Mouse Ears.  I probably got them from a trip to Disney Land with the family. 

I wish I had had a pair when I was little.  I KNOW I would have worn them while riding my bike around the neighborhood. I mean where they not the coolest?

So, farewell Annette, thanks for being my pretend "big sister" for those early years. 


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