Saturday, April 06, 2013

Come sit, have a cuppa..............

It's true, not every visit to my blog is going to have you holding your belly from laughing, shaking your head in wonderment or getting angry enough to shoot off an email to me. Most of the time it's just you and me, sitting on the front porch, cuppa tea and some cookies swapping news.
And, it's true that I do most of the talking, heck, all of it but you did drop by and I appreciate that.

I saw that the police had to go up to the Epic campus in response to a man who had fainted. Didn't seem like such a big deal but apparently the police, after talking to the EMS people, found that he had fainted while looking at his computer screen.

Kinda makes you wonder doesn't it?

I can almost feel the moment of silence between us as you think about this. And, the questions? Unfortunately, the police didn't feel they had to share any more information. Just doesn't seem fair does it?

Police found a 64 year old woman, slouched but conscious in her wheelchair outside of a residence. They moved her inside to the lobby and treated her until her caretaker arrived. 
If I were her family I would want to be notified of this. This was back in Feb. February hasn't been kind to us this year. That was probably NOT a nice warm snow free day. 
It's scary to think about people taking care of your loved ones when you live far away.

My mother tells me how she is so very careful, in her Assisted Living facility not to fall down anymore.
Now that she has broken her ankle and had it heal up she probably is not as likely to fall BUT one of office management people told her before she broke it that if she kept on falling they would make her move out of the facility.

I'm not allowed to bring the wrath of Bea down on them because my mother doesn't want any trouble.
I'm up here, she's down there.  I have to trust these people. 

I feel very sorry for that woman in her wheelchair.
She's my age. She should have never been left outside. 

And, last but not least the manager of the local McDs had to call the police to have a 35 year old insubordinate employee removed from the business.
Apparently, after a conversation about labor practices and religion got out of hand the employee allegedly refused to leave the building and began to talk louder and louder.

Couple of thoughts here, first of all McDs manages to come up with the MOST ANNOYING things for their window clerks to say when you order your food. 
Now, ours have to tell your their name, as if you are really interested when all you want if your coffee or lunch. And, after they tell you their name they offer you the daily special, again, more information than a person needs when they want their coffee.
And, then as if those poor people just trying to do their job didn't have enough to say, take your order, ask you if the screen is correct, thank you they also have to be taking money from the previous car for their order.

Now, I'm a mother and grandmother but that's a lot of multi-tasking even for me. 

And, don't forget this is the cold north so the window is open, freezing air is constantly coming in while this poor person is doing all this for minimum wage.

So, I'm not surprised when somebody finally snaps.
I can understand the labor practices complaint although McDs is pretty set in well established work behavior and I can understand how the harassed employee starting talking louder and louder. Heck I've been known to do that to Zeus when he gets that glazed look in his eye and isn't answering me but I am curious how the religion issues got woven into the event.

All in all the police did good work in most of the reports. I do, from a mother's point of view, question the wisdom of the last one.  Apparently, three young men were building a snow ramp and the police person stopped them from building it because it was unsafe.  They were to close to a railing and a gutter.
Like all lessons one must master in life, especially from the playground you learn not to do something, hopefully, after you have bumped yourself, landed on your butt, knocked yourself down or smacked yourself in the forehead with the swing. 

I'm not sure stopping these "young men" was in their best interest. Perhaps a trip to the emergency room for a broken wrist or arm might have been the key to helping them make better decisions in the future.

We would like to think that children, at least, learn from their mistakes. Not everyone is a Bart Simpson that keeps smacking himself on the head. As we get older many of us make the same mistakes over and over because we just can't see what the reward is for doing it. And, trust me, Dr. Phil is right about that one, there is a reward. Maybe not a logical one or a mature one or even a safe one.

I have learned to avoid what I call the 2x4 as much as possible as I have gotten older. If I find myself in a situation that I don't like and it's very similar to one that I have been in before I start to wise up very quickly. Because, experience has taught me that the Universe does live by the RULE OF THREE and if you can't figure it out by the third time you are going to get knocked on your butt, BIG TIME.

Yeah, like I said at the beginning, not every post if going to knock your socks off. Life can do that to you, I won't but I have enjoyed having you stop by.

Would you like another cuppa, dear?  More homemade cookies?  What new with you?



  1. yes I would so love another cuppa of tea. peace be with you. Have a great weekend! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Yeah, wish you were here for the cuppa tea. The 2x4 reminder made me smile. I've had a few of those. Haven't I? Yes, fainting at the computer screen gives you pause, but then I've heard EPIC really runs the youth out of their young staff. Another lesson for them.

    Enjoy the day, good friend, and thanks for a little cosmic math. D

  3. You crack me up! LOL Probably they could have been sued if they didn't make those young men stop building their snow ramp - that's about all anyone thinks about these days LOL But I agree with you - how else will they learn?