Monday, April 01, 2013


Hah! April Fools Day but I'm not fooling you with this picture. This is my garden as of this morning.
And, yes the snow is slowing melting but certainly not fast enough for me.

The summer birds have been arriving in large groups. My yard is full of big plump male robins, Cedar Wax Wings, and birdsong.

Cranes have been flying overhead, flying circle patterns in the sky. 

Those sights and sounds remind me that Spring is really on the way. What a loooooooooong winter we had.
Despite the remaining snow, the basketball court was shoveled and here is Grandpa Zeus proudly showing off his great shot. That's one for the record books, old man.
One might have exhausted himself playing b-ball with the young ones, you think?

She may be only 3 going on 4 but darned if she isn't going to keep up with the cousins. So, Riley, down the road when you are playing college basketball you can say this is your first game and you did learn how to dribble the ball that day.

I ignored the snow, the cool temperatures and cleaned off my front porch of winter. I put away all Christmas decorations that still lingered on. I filled the clay vase by the door with Pussy Willow and silk spring flowers.
I hung the wreaths that the birds like to make nest in.
I had my second cup of coffee outside, listening to the birds.

I am finally learning, in my senior years that what I can NOT control I best find something to enjoy about it or go do something else.  That goes for people and the weather.
I've learned that you can seldom, if ever, change a person, get them to take a different path or think something through.
I can't change the weather and I can't go to a different climate BUT I can sit outside and enjoy the sounds of the birds.  Something we just don't hear in winter. Sometimes the silence, in winter is erie and maybe even a little depressing.

I found my daffodils are poking up about two inches now. Slowly, they are making their way to the sun.

I looked at my gardens and admired the work that I had done last year and saw how much easier it's going to be to clean them up this year. I will cut back the grasses this weekend and watch for new growth to start back up.

Friday, the art group moves down to the lower level of the studio barn. We are going to be making multiple paper background for our "stash" for the winter. We'll be mono printing, painting, stamping, etc. a variety, a large variety of varied kinds of papers. 
Once we move into May we start on fiber experiments so we need to get some inventory stored up in the paper section.

Winter may be lingering but I'm making plans for the warmer weather.
Now, I think I'll go outside and pick up what remains of the snow person, two slightly rotten tangerines, shriveled celery and some odd twigs.

Hope you have a wonderful day too.


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  1. Ah--thank you for making me miss home a little less. Or at least the snow at home. Loved the Zeus before and after basketball pictures. Hope your lingering cold is passing. I filled all my birdfeeders (bought two new) and have watched an invasion of squirrels. In my advancing years, I am contemplating my past pacifism and considering buying a bebe gun:)