Thursday, April 25, 2013

Any day now......

I saw these gorgeous Forsythia bushes in Boston. Nary a bloom on mine yet. Nada, ziperroonie!

My neighbor, across the street did a Prairie burn yesterday. The large swath of burned grasses, up to his house looks like dark rich soil from my windows.

I don't think we are going to have time to do one this year. I'm sure Riley would love to help but we only have this weekend and the weather and wind have to be just right.

We are going to take a drive out to an artists studio down near Blanchardville.  Her name is Nana Schowalter, a sculptor.

We bought one of her pieces years ago, The Moon Goddess and it's time to purchase another one. This will be a combined Mother's Day and 44th Wedding Anniversary gift, I'm thinking.  We'll take Riley out with us to help pick one out.

I have a doctor's appointment this morning. I rather like my new doctor.  She is very thorough and willing to listen and compromise with me. Trust me when I say I've been to other doctors that have been lacking in one or more of the above attributes.

The pool guys were here yesterday, they put in a new light for under the water, opened the pool and refitted us with a new solar blanket. 

The pond guy was here with his waders on to get into the pond and install the pump for the waterfalls.
The water is so high when he was here last week he told me he would have to come back in his wet suit.

John ordered a new lighted Peacock for the Studio.
If I didn't love Dog In The Hole Studio name so much I would change the name of the studio to Peacock Studio. The blue and green wire peacock was purchased at Christmas time at the DIY store.
Unfortunately, and probably from keeping it on all the time, some of the lights wore out. Now, he has backup to replace what might just wear out.

Oh, here's something I don't remember ever seeing before.  We were outside with Riley, last weekend, sitting on the front porch, having a cuppa and Riley was climbing on the large boulders in the front yard.
Suddenly I saw a flock, or swarm of small birds flying around in a circle on the driveway. I mentioned it to John and said, "I wonder if they are chasing each other"?

We watched them swirl around and around in a funnel motion and then slowly move up the front yard hillside. As they came up we realized they were leaves not birds. They came right up, still in a funnel formation, swirling around, right past Riley and all the way up to the porch before they fluttered to the ground.

I can't say I've ever seen anything like that. And, you have to remember we don't have a lot of leaves just laying around in the driveway or lawn. If there were any leaves they were way over in the woods, wet, laying on the ground. So, where these guys came from is a mystery and why that bit of air movement came from is also a mystery.

Ok, off to the doctor then home again to get the lower level of the barn set up for the art ladies, tomorrow. I did paint 13 canvases yesterday with black gesso. Just need a good block of time to start working on them.

Have a creative day.


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  1. You have packed a lot in your day!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to see a photo of the peacock! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart