Monday, April 29, 2013

A small bow to Mother Nature.

Yes, we finally have some signs of SPRING in Southwestern Wisconsin. My daffodils, in the upper woods are blooming. The ones in the garden bed, next to the white barn, facing due South have NOT opened yet, go figure.
Spent the weekend doing outside chores. We never did get time to do a Prairie burn, this year. It does require a lot of connecting hoses together and dragging them around as a safety precaution. It was enough just to get them hooked up at the right faucets for everyday use.

My dear friend, Donna, stopped by one night on her way back to her home and job.  She had spend the week helping her mother get settled back in her home after a hospital stay. Not enough time to properly catch up but it was still really good to see her.

The Kentucky Derby Day Party is next weekend. I spent yesterday raking and cleaning up the garden beds that would be most noticed by any company. Shallow, I know but you have to do the priorities on the list, you know.

The weather is supposed to dip back down into the 50's again by mid week.  We may be celebrating this party indoors. That wouldn't be a first. I've always said this is too early in the year to have an outdoor party. Haven't even planted any pretty colorful flowers outside. Honestly, you would think they could move the race a month or so. I guess nobody is ready my letters of complaint.

Have a creative day, bring some color into your life.


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