Sunday, April 14, 2013

A little time in Beantown.

We haven't left the cold, damp weather but we are basking in the warmth of grandchildren. Curran has been delighted to show grandpa all his toys, especially his beloved Thomas and friends, trains.
Rory, who just turned one is just taking those first tentative steps across the room.

Aunt Susan and Roz came to celebrate the birthday, along with Nana Patty and Danny.
Unfortunately, the birthday girl fell asleep before her party and missed what I consider the best part, CHOCOLATE CAKE with PINK FROSTING. Throw on some sprinkles and you've just made my day.
Curran was unimpressed with all the new dresses. Couldn't she get any better gifts?  Something a big brother could actually play with?
Luckily, Nana found a special gift in her bag for Curran, a new wooden car with George the Monkey in it. Life is good.
It was a nice low key, family birthday gathering. Rory did manage to wake up in time to say goodbye to everybody.

I did find some photo opportunities despite the rain.
Of course, few understand my need to take pictures of things like this. 

Woke up this morning early, laying in bed thinking about three new art pieces that I had completed in my dreams. Guess I'm going to be busy when I get home. 

Tonight, off to have dinner with some old friends and some excellent Chinese food.

Tomorrow is Patriots Day around here. Boston Marathon is run and the day is supposed to be 58 degrees and sunny.  Good weather for the run.
I will send them good thoughts as I sit on the floor and play with an almost 3 year old and 1 year old.


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  1. Cool graffitti. Can't believe how big the kids are! Have fun and hope you get a little more sun.