Tuesday, April 02, 2013

A little Chihuley for you today.

Can one ever have enough Chihuley? I am fascinated with glass. For a while there I was collecting every piece of Cobalt glass I could find. I did wean myself away from that but I still love it.
These look like a group of marbles sitting on a tray but the big ones may weight up to 40 pounds. How can they blow something so big and keep it so round?
I've watched the PBS specials on Chihuley and I sit with my mouth hanging open while his staff does the blowing and even though I can see what's happening it's still magic.
These are just some of his museum pieces we saw when we were in Florida. His outdoor pieces with neon are amazing.
In the museum, which is quite small, it's dark, the pieces are lit and sparkle. They have places where you can sit and just stare at the piece. 

So there you sit, staring at something that looks almost other worldly and you really are transported to a different place.  I never get that effect when I am sitting in an art museum looking at a beautiful painting.  I'm admiring the painting but I didn't get transported anywhere. Well, that's just me and what glass does to me.

The weather people assure us that temperatures will rise as the week progresses. Our norm should be in the 50s. We do have a way to go but the sun is shinning and the snow has melted off the deck and all memories of WEIRD SNOWPERSON are gone.


I'm off to run errands, householder stuff today. Murphy is off to day care to catch up on what happened over the mad house of Spring Break.

I hope whatever you are doing today gives you a moment to feel creative. 


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  1. I wish you could be here on Friday night...we have a guest glass artist from England and she has an exhibit of her functional forms. She has studied with Chihuly...who I hear is not in good health. I like this format of post better...for some reason I have trouble leaving you a comment. It is cold here too but the snow is melted away. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart