Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Well done, well done!

There it is the finished art piece. A collaborative piece with Zeus. I showed him the birdhouses that each artist had done and asked him to put them on a board with some hooks so we could hang our painted aprons on it.
Now, my husband has taken a 100 year old house down to it's bones and built it back up again.  He's built furniture from a roll top desk to coffee tables, dressers, bookcases especially designed for paperbacks and countless other pieces. He build the cabinets for the kitchen in this new house, finished off the lower level.....well let's just say that carpentry is in his blood.
He had more fun with this birdhouse project than I have ever seen. Everything beyond the houses and the aprons is his idea. He pulled together a fantastic piece that I think makes the statement about who we are as a group of artists.
One artist had no interest in decorating her birdhouse so Zeus took it upon himself to make it fit with the other. He painted it white and then added a whimsical For Sale sign.
I would see him smile every time he would walk by the piece.  

Most of the aprons were cut out of a large piece of floor canvas that you use when you are going to paint a room. Everyone sewed the same basic style but added things to make it work for them, like pockets where they really needed a pocket to be.
Then they painted, stamped, stenciled and make them their own. They wore them this summer while we worked on our technique experiments.

So, we literally hung up our aprons for this show.

For the first time our name cards included an artist statement.  We created a Mission Statement for our group and we came up with a proper Theme for our collection of work, One Layer At A Time.

There are over 40 pieces of art in this show. Every artist has come to another level of growth, in their work. 

I have to say I am really pleased with this show. I hope you have a moment to put the link on slideshow, increase the time a tad and take a look at the art work.

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  1. Bravo! To all of you! And Zeus is da bomb! It's a beautiful, energetic, positive, and intellectually stimulating show---and, I've only seen it online. Thanks for giving all of us something to aspire to, enjoy, and think about.