Friday, March 01, 2013


For those of you that have never hung an art show before, it's a LOT OF WORK. This is our third year at the Senior Center, downtown. I think this year is going to be our best year.

For one thing, we have grown as artists and the work that we are submitted is fantastic. I am so pleased with the quality of variety of what will be hung.

We have the entire second floor of the building. Adult education classes are held on the second floor and on Saturday's, the entire building is open to the Winter Farmer's Market with a breakfast. The center pulls in a couple hundred people or more for these events. It's nice to think that they are seeing what Mixed Media and Fiber Artists are up to these days.

This is the first year we have decided to try to sell some pieces. I have three pieces up for sale the rest I found very hard to even think of parting with them. 

An exciting addition to the event this year is our SILENT AUCTION.
All eight artists have created beautiful handmade, silk, papers and embellished bowls. The small bowls are starting at $25.00 and the large bowls start at $45.00.  The money raised all goes to the Second Harvest Food Pantry.

I included a link if anybody is interested in seeing some of the bowls.  These are art bowls, not designed to hold water or carry your oranges. They are beautiful to behold and your money goes to a very worthy cause.

If you are interested in placing a bid just send me an email at and I'll put your bid in the box. Halfway through the month I'll let you know where your bid stands. 

I'll take pictures of the show when it's all up and looking nice. I'll post them in a web album for you.

I can't tell you how hard this group has worked during the year. From our experimentation and learning journey, this summer with dyeing, painting and manipulating fabric to actually coming up with finished art pieces using these techniques. I am proud of the growth this group has shown. Their willingness to push themselves out of their comfort zones and become even better artists. I've watched their self confidence grow, to become more comfortable with even calling themselves artists.

It takes a lot for many people to overcome the mental messages they have received over the years about their abilities as artists. Even being able to use the word, artist. 

Often we have loved ones or friends that don't know the right words of support, to use. They have opinions and beliefs, that when expressed, to a new artists, may be taken to heart and believed. 

They haven't learned to trust their own judgement about their art.

I am grateful to the Senior Center for offering their space for us to show our art work. They don't ask for a commission on anything that we have sold. I just wish that people would not assume that because it's held at the senior center it's "old people art" whatever that is. 

Thanks to all of you that have wished us well for this show. It's up for the month of March. My wish is that when people and children, walk by the art work they want to come a little closer to it, study it, read about how it was created, LEARN a little more about what Mixed Media and Fiber Art is. 

If they think to themselves, I COULD DO THAT, then I hope they run home and do it. I want more people to get excited about doing something creative. I want more people to PLAY and feel the joy when they are creating.

I want people to experience that beautiful moment when they have lost track of time, when not a thought is going through their mind that isn't about what they are working on. When they are in a "place" that just surrounds them with supportive love while they create from that deeper place within them. 

And, why do I go on like that?  Because I truly believe that when we touch or tap into that space it's a HEALING moment for us. Becoming centered to that degree brings all of our energy levels into alignment. We aren't cured but healing has occurred whether on a mental, physical or spiritual level.

Have a wonderful day.  I know I am.  CREATE SOMETHING, it will make you want to dance.


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  1. Have a wonderful time! I am hurrying now to place a bid! I know it's going to be a great show. Wish I were there.