Saturday, March 09, 2013

"The fog comes on little cat feet.............."

Growing up in southern New Jersey I don't remember seeing much fog. We didn't have tons of snow either. Actually, living in town for over 30 years I don't remember seeing much fog. Of course, raising children during much of the 70s, 80s and 90s things were a blur. 

Out here, in the country, I see a lot of fog. From our old vacation place on the top of a ridge I would see the fog rising from the valley floor. It would stretch like a white band slowly moving upwards.
Some mornings like yesterday it was was just thick like the proverbial pea soup.

And, then like the curtain rising, we have a landscape.
If I don't focus, on the snow, by this time in winter I'm better off. If I start to listen for sounds of spring, like the bird song or the sound of returning Cranes, I'm happier.
If I grab my camera and take signs of things melting, I can feel my discomfort of a long winter easing.
The creepy snowman has spit out his sponge mouth, He's lost a tangerine eye and his celery nose has bit the snow. He may not be happy but I certainly am.

It's raining now. Temperatures are to be up around the 40 degree mark.  All is well in Wisconsin. Spring really is coming. Oh, yeah, I know, we could have that freak snowstorm in April or even May. It's happened. Doesn't bother me at all.  The COLD weather is passed. There will be no more below zero temperature days until next winter. This snow will fade away and although it won't be green enough for me the monotone landscape will change. 

Zeus tells me that I would hate not having something to talk about, like the weather.  He tells me that I would not be happy in a climate that rarely changed. Zeus tells me that he loves getting a "workout" with the snowplower.

That Zeus, me thinks he does protest to much.


"There  is little sense in attempting to change external conditions, you must first change inner beliefs, then outer conditions will change accordingly."
Brian Adams, How To Succeed

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