Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Big Bang Theory

I suspect from the commercials aired during the show, The Big Bang Theory, they know just who is watching the reruns. 

Yes, mothers and others.

There are shows that I like to watch with my husband and there are shows that I just enjoy by myself. TBBT is one of them. It makes me laugh, chuckle and giggle, at times.

I was NOT a nerd in high school.  I did however hang with the "other" kids in middle school. My best friend in seventh grade wore large brown glasses, wore her hair in two long braids and always smelled of Ivory soap. She always had a stack of books to carry home at the end of the day. We didn't have backpacks so her mother made her a cloth bag that she could hang on her shoulder.  A woman a head of her time.

While my step sister, same age and her friends trolled the downtown looking for cool guys on motorcycles, my friend and I took over her mother's kitchen and baked a four layer chocolate cake, from scratch. 

Her mother made home made bread something I hadn't ever tasted before. Her mother created craft things on the dining room table, her father worked at the other end, designing things on paper.

Her room was filled with science things, a telescope, microscope, books about butterflies, bits and pieces of nests from rodent to bird.

I sat at a lunch table where everybody had big thick glasses. There was little laughter but lots of discussion. I was there because I was her friend although I didn't have much to contribute to the conversation.

The summer before ninth grade and our transition to high school, her father got transferred out of state, I grew taller, thinner and things developed that hadn't before. 

When I walked into the lunchroom at the high school my old friends with the coke bottle glasses all waved to me, "Come sit with us". At the same time a group of girls, destined to become THE GROUP came over and steered me to their table.

Don't get me wrong. I didn't protest. Frankly, I was scared shi&^#$*^ at the whole high school scene.
Without my friend to interpret for me at the nerds table I would have little understanding of half of what they were saying. Over the summer I had changed into a "Penny".

I don't think they felt any loss after I turned to the other table. They just went on being brilliant. 

I'm the one that made the mistake. 

I may not have understood half of what they were talking about but they accepted me, included me, didn't plot to undermine me, back stab me or just be bitchy for the sake of being bitchy.

I now, even at my age, blot out most of my high school days. It took so much work to be "cool". I spent so much wasted time on keeping up and showing up.

I'm not at all proud of my conduct or personality when I was in high school. About the only thing I can say is that I was never a bully and never was around one.

But, I missed my friend that wanted to explore the floor of the local forest, for tiny bugs. Who climbed trees with me to sit in the highest branches and eat apples and read the latest comic books. 

I missed that innocence of childhood.

The Big Bang Theory reminds me of so much. The social awkwardness, the excitement over Star Wars, comic books, Rules of Social behavior, etc.

Watching TBBT is a very personal thing for me and it brings back fond memories and makes me smile.

And, you know that I am all for collecting things that make you laugh or smile. Up there next to that apple a day, it's a must for good health and well being.

So, I watch The Big Bang Theory and I think of my friend and I hope that she is doing well in her life and I'm glad that she was part of mine.


"Most people don't know how brave they really are.  In fact, many potential heroes, both men and women, live out their lives in self-doubt.
If they only knew they had these deep resources, if would help give them the self-reliance to meet most problems, even a big crisis.
R. E. Chambers


  1. I enjoyed reading this post and learning more about you. It's funny how sitcoms can bring back so many memories and become sources of reflection...


    p.s. I love the Big Bang Theory too :)

  2. Great story. Great insight and no surprise. My boys love the show and I haven't watched it yet---but look forward to dipping my toe. Thanks for the thinking....